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Cell Saver™ solves the problem of heat soak into batteries, absorbs leaking acids and prevents premature failure due to heat.

Batteries are very susceptible to heat and vibration that could cause premature failure and hazardous leaks. Cell Saver™ is very capable of damping vibration and will absorb and neutralize any damaging leaky battery acids. Cell Saver™ is easy to install and excess material can be trimmed to accommodate batteries of most sizes and shapes.

  • Protects batteries from harmful radiant heat
  • Material withstands up to 2000°F radiant heat
  • Traps & neutralizes harmful battery acid
  • Protects environment and your vehicle
  • Completely safe to handle before and during installation
  • Clean finished look with easy installation
  • Kit Includes:
    • 40" L x 7" W insulation material
    • 12" x 7" treated base mat
Frequently Asked Questions:
FAQ 010480.pdf
SDS Sheet:
SDS Cell-Saver.pdf


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    Make battery last longer

    Posted by Alan F on Jan 29th 2022

    As heat damages vehicle batteries, this shiny battery wrap is great to reflect heat under the hood largely cause by the engine and exhaust manifold away from the battery. As I am in an area with moderately cold winters I am sure this will assist a bit in that regard as well even though the wrap is only about 1/8” - 3/16” thick. I removed the battery and wrapped the battery with this product. I did not need to trim the height on a group 35 Toyota battery. But if it needs trimming, it is very easy to do. The length supplied was long enough to wrap a group 35 battery 1/3rd around a second time. Many reviewers on another site mentioned the tape supplied did not stick well so I just used my high gloss silver aluminum tape used to seal sections of HVAC ducts or exhaust vent piping. Very easy instal. Highly recommended.