Vehicles Needed

jeep-liner-install-cropped.jpgHOW YOU CAN HELP

Design Engineering, Inc. is continually in the process of developing new products and is currently searching for vehicles to test-fit new products.

We just need two things from you:

  1. We need you to bring your vehicle to our facility in Avon Lake, OH. (We're flexible with the drop-off, and we can work with your schedule.)
  2. We need a few days to take measurements, prototype, and test-fit a final installation.

That's it. In exchange for your time, we let you keep the product when we're done!


DEI is happy to accept any vehicle for consideration, but we're actively seeking the following vehicles:

  • Nothing specific at this time. Stay tuned.


Fill out the form below, and in the comment section, list the vehicle(s) you have available. We'll be in touch with you when we're ready to schedule. Thanks!