Vehicles Needed


DEI is continually in the process of research & development and we always need vehicles to develop and test new products. We will need you to bring your vehicle to our facility in Avon Lake, Ohio and offer flexibility with your schedule. Depending on the project, we may need your vehicle for several days so we can take measurements, fit a prototype, and do some real-world testing. If we need your vehicle for an extended period, we will let you know that in advance. Please note that should we use your vehicle, we may disassemble parts of it and we may need to operate the vehicle in various conditions and for extended periods of time in order to fully test our products. We will return your vehicle in the condition in which it arrived and a manufactured version of the product we develop will be offered to you at no charge as our thank you for your participation.

Currently, we need the following vehicles for R&D:

  • 2022+ Honda Pioneer 1000-3
  • 2022+ Honda Pioneer 1000-5
  • 2022+ Honda Pioneer 1000-6

If you are interested in allowing DEI to use your vehicle, please complete the form below: