Coolant Additives

Coolant Additives

All of our coolant additives are specially formulated to reduce the surface tension, preventing cavitation bubbles from forming on hot metal surfaces such as cylinder heads. This allows heat to transfer into the coolant more efficiently. Our products improve heat transfer while reducing cavitation and scaling.

  Radiator Relief
Tig Chill Charger
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Radiator Relief Flush
Radiator Relief™
Clear Radiator Relief™
Radiator Relief™ for Diesels
Heater Hotter™
Chill Charger™
Tig Chill™
Radiator Relief™ Flush

An excellent method of treating cooling systems to reduce coolant temps as a preventive step to help avoid overheating, electrolysis ;and chemical corrosion. Both an anti-foaming agent and corrosion inhibitor which balances the negative acidic effects that can develop over time are also included. Safe to use with all types of radiator materials including cast iron, copper, brass and aluminum.

Chill Charger for water-to-air intercoolers maximizes thermal transfer to lower air intake temperatures while also protecting core corrosion, electrolysis and harmful mineral build up.


A concentrated cleansing agent that effectively removes rust and mineral deposits left behind in the radiator core and hose lines. This advanced treatment also dissolves oily residue buildup left behind in old anti-freeze and coolant ;mixtures due to external contaminants. Helps maintain optimum efficiency and recommended to be used with distilled water.

Temperature Reduction
Up to 30°F Up to 30°F N/A
Quicker Warmup
Recommended Mixing
1oz. per quart 1oz. per quart 1oz. per quart
Volumes Available
16 oz., 32 oz. 4 oz., 16 oz. 16 oz.
Coolant Compatibility
All All All
Made in the U.S.A.US Flag
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