'90-'05 Miata - Floor Vibration Damping Kit

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Quiet your ride with our premium vibration damping and noise reducing interior kit. By adding Boom Mat damping material to the metal floors, rear bulk head, and rear deck, you greatly reduce rattles, squeaks and vibrations. This creates a more comfortable interior with improved acoustics.


  • Easy to peel backing to make install simple
  • Self adhesive backing so no mess
  • Black finish


  • Easily forms to bends & curves
  • Thin and pliable to fit in tight spaces
  • 6”x 6” & 12”x 12” pre cut pieces for specific areas
  • Works with 1990-2005 year Miatas; NA and NB.


  • Reduces noise & vibrations coming from metal body
  • Keeps interiors quiet
  • Improved interior acoustics
Instruction Sheet:
Instruction 50600.pdf