Stainless-Steel Positive Locking Ties - 12mm x 14" (4-Pack)

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Stainless-Steel Positive Locking Ties secure exhaust wrap and solves the problem of needing a locking tie in high heat areas.

Stainless-Steel Positive Locking Ties are designed for high heat applications. With it's self-locking design they are great for securing DEI exhaust wrap to pipes or any place a high strength tie is needed. UV and corrosion resistant they will last for many years under severe use. Locking Ties offer many other uses including bundling wires, hoses, and other forms of insulation products. Just slide end into locking mechanism and pull tight.

  • Made from 316 Stainless Steel
  • Tensile Strength: 5/16" 200 lbs., 1/2" 350 lbs.
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 2500°F
  • Fits up to 4” O.D.


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    Not for 2" or primary pipes

    Posted by Anthony Higgins on Jun 14th 2023

    DEI might make some lock ties that work but these don't. When I tried to tighten them, the lead end of the strap, which goes under the clasp, stubs into the slots and the strap jams. Any attempt to pull tension with a winding tool just rolls the whole strap around the tool before it begins to tighten.These may work for a large diameter part, like a muffler, but definitely not for primary pipes. There are no application instructions included. DEI website description says they are for up to 4" pipe and shows a picture of one on a primary pipe. Search for help on their you tube channel is is waste of time because it's cluttered with too many videos. I searched on "locking ties" and it returned over 50 videos. Most that I watched featured a different style tie with no slots. I did see a video of these ties used on a muffler wrap. I'm just going to use hose clamps.