DEI’s New C5 Corvette Transmission Tunnel Plate Heat Shield

Jun 16th 2023

DEI’s New C5 Corvette Transmission Tunnel Plate Heat Shield

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Reduce Heat Transfer and Noise with DEI’s New C5 Corvette Transmission Tunnel Plate Heat Shield

Reduces heat transfer for a cooler interior temperature for a more enjoyable ride experience


As a leading manufacturer of thermal solutions for the automotive aftermarket, DEI is on the lookout for heat transfer issues for specific make and model vehicles. C5 Corvette owners have long complained about excessive heat transferred into and through the console that heats up the interior cabin. DEI now offers a solution with its Transmission Tunnel Plate Heat Shield and Side Shield Kit. The shield greatly reduces interior temperatures for a cooler more comfortable and enjoyable ride, especially through the transmission tunnel, while reducing unwanted road and tire noise.

DEI’s new lightweight Transmission Tunnel Plate Heat Shield for the C5 is precision designed die cut for a perfect fit and quick installation. Made of 10 mil embossed aluminum material with insulator, the shield withstands direct temperatures up to 1750°F and can be installed without removing the transmission tunnel reinforcement plate. Bonded to a high temp, finely woven needle punched glass fiber composite material, it applies easily to the transmission tunnel. The self-adhesive backing has a high temperature rating, seals aggressively, and is not affected by wind, water, or harsh environmental conditions.

Extremely lightweight, the shield can be purchased as a stand-alone addition to the transmission tunnel plate, part #050525, or with side shields -four total with two per side, part #050529, or as a five-piece complete kit which includes a free installation roller, part #050530.

For more information about the C5 Transmission Tunnel Plate Heat Shield, Side Shields and Shield kit or plans for future introduction of kits for the C6 and C7 generation Corvette, call 800-264-9472, visit, call DEI at 800-264-9472, or e-mail: To keep up with the very latest DEI product introductions and company news connect on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to DEI’s YouTube channel.


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