DEI Redefines Category with EXO Series™ Exhaust Wrap

Jun 16th 2023

DEI Redefines Category with EXO Series™ Exhaust Wrap

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DEI EXO Series™ Extreme Use Exhaust and Pipe Wrap

Premium wrap with stainless steel exoskeleton for superior protection


When it comes to off road, dirt track or desert racing, exhaust pipes and headers definitely take a beating and require an extra level of durability. DEI has the solution. The new EXO Series™ Exhaust and Pipe Wrap is the toughest most effective thermal wrap on the market for headers and exhaust pipes that have repeated exposure to abrasion or high impact road or trail conditions. The EXO Series Wrap is designed to deliver both superior heat protection and resistance to harsh road, track or off road conditions, unlike any other wrap on the market today.

Developed for long-lasting durability, the EXO Series features a dual layer material constructed of high temperature glass fiber, encased in a 304 grade stainless steel exoskeleton—tough enough for the most extreme desert, dirt track or off-road conditions. With DEI’s new Air Gap technology, an insulating air barrier that keeps direct contact of the glass fiber wrap off the hot surface of the pipe, makes the EXO Series Exhaust and Pipe Wrap the preferred premium wrap for any truck or vehicle off-road or on the street.

The Exo Series Exhaust and Pipe Wrap is currently offered in both tan and black in a 1.5” width, and 10 and 20 foot lengths. Installation is made easier with the exterior exoskeleton that “locks in” when overlapped for a secure fit. Recommended use includes exhaust pipes, headers or for spot protection of pipes and components.

Each kit includes a 1.5”x20’ roll of wrap, stainless steel locking ties, and installation tool.

For more information about the EXO Series Exhaust and Pipe Wrap or other thermal control performance products, call 800-264-9472, visit, call DEI at 800-264-9472, or e-mail: To keep up with the very latest DEI product introductions and company news connect on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to DEI’s YouTube channel.


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