Form-A-Shield™ - 21" x 48"

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Form-A-Shield™ solves the problem of needing a direct contact, extreme heat barrier.

Capable of withstanding direct heat of up to 1400°F, Form-A-Shield can be applied to exhaust headers, manifolds, turbo housings, and downpipes dramatically reducing radiant exhaust temperatures. Formed from 10 mil dimpled aluminum bonded to a high temperature rated basalt thermal barrier material, Form-A-Shield can be applied directly to hot surfaces helping to lower under hood temperatures while keeping more heat in the exhaust system.

  • Extremely pliable and forms to many shapes and configurations
  • Durable and resistant to oil and chemical spills
  • Withstands direct heat up to 1400°F+
  • Superior insulator anywhere near the path of exhaust pipes
  • Can be applied directly to hot surfaces
  • Fasten with straps, clamps or DEI Locking Ties
  • No adhesive backing

NOTE: Use DEI Adhesive Spray with Form-A-Shield on non-hot areas to serve as a heat barrier / reflector


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    Form-A-Shield to Protect My Differential

    Posted by John Baguley on Apr 16th 2020

    I recently bought a needy 1962 Triumph TR4 that was looking for a good home. When I put the car up on jack stands to do a thorough inspection, I found a large exhaust resonator located immediately under and adjacent the differential, cooking the gear oil - no good !! After changing the differential oil (it was pretty nasty from the heat), I found this Form-A-Shield product on the DEI website. Excellent solution, I was able to cut off a section with a pair of heavy duty shears, and easily form it around the exhaust resonator to protect the differential. Three SS ties have secured it in place and I am all set. This is a workable product, the total installation time including measuring, cutting to fit and installation was 30 minutes. I am a fan !!