Black Under Hood™ Thermal Acoustic Liner - 32" x 59"

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DEI Under Hood™ Thermal Acoustic Lining was designed primarily for the engine compartment as a way to greatly reduce heat and noise with an easy peel and stick product anyone can install. Engine heat and noise often is a problem with today's modified vehicles packed with high performance components. The use of Under Hood™ Thermal Acoustic Lining can help solve this issue.

  • Black textured finish
  • Cooler hood and protects your paint
  • Easy peel & stick installation
  • Handles 300°F - Passes MSVV-302 Flammability test
  • Measures 32" x 59" (13.1 sq. ft.) (½" thick)

Sell Sheet:
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    Posted by Scott on Jan 16th 2024

    Just Wow. This product has exceeded my expectations. I was looking to replace the hood liner on my 2002 3/4 ton Chevy Truck. My original liner was shot. Would just about disintegrate if you touched it. I did not want to use any 'tinfoil' shiny liner. Too '60s hot rod' for my taste. I searched everywhere for a black liner and finally found this. Let's talk heat. I have a 8.1l 496 cubic inch big block, and my truck is black. There is a lot of 'heat' under my hood. The top side of my hood used to feel very hot. you could keep your hand on it. But it was not comfortable. This liner absolutely killed about 70% of 'felt' heat on the hood. And 'seat of the pants' measurement, but it's cut down on a lot of ambient noise coming from underneath the hood. The material feels durable. Installation is as detailed as you want to get. I at first was going to cut individual pieces but then made the decision to lay the entire liner underneath my hood with it, trimmed to fit on the outside edges. Appearance is nice, makes underhood look like a newer Truck. Highly recommend