Tech Help - Boom Mat

Jun 16th 2023

Tech Help - Boom Mat

How does Boom Mat Damping Material work?

BOOM Mat™ takes the energy from acoustic audio waves and vibrations, converting them to a lessened degree of energy. It does this by adding mass to the panels which increases the rigidity of the panel lessening the vibration. Less vibration means less noise.

Boom Mat
  Boom Mat Vibration Damping controls vibrations and road noise for a quieter interior. Available in 2mm and 4mm thicknesses.

What is the temperature range of BOOM Mat™?

BOOM Mat™ maintains adhesion from -30°F to 300°F. It should be installed in an area over 60° F to ensure that the adhesive sets up properly.

How much BOOM Mat™ will I need?

Boom MatFor most vehicles we recommend 50% coverage of the area with our standard 2mm thick Boom Mat material. Cutting the Boom Mat into strips or squares and placing in larger flat areas of the floor, doors and body. For customers with larger or more powerful audio systems we have our Boom Mat XL which is 4mm thick and can be used to cover more area maximizing the vibration damping effect.

How effective is BOOM Mat™?

A BOOM Mat™ demonstration that we commonly use is a small 1” inch square piece of Boom Mat applied to a large 20” inch percussion cymbal. When the cymbal is struck it produces virtually no noise, only a short low pitched clank when forcefully struck with a drum stick, and that’s only with a 1” square piece of BOOM Mat™!

What tools are needed to install BOOM Mat™?

BOOM Mat™ install requires little prep work. A razor or scissors and a roller will be required. You may also need basic hand tools to remove door panels and trim. As with any adhesive material the surface must be free of any debris. Once cleaned, use a razor or scissors to cut BOOM Mat™ into the desired shape necessary for the area of coverage. The roller can be used to evenly apply pressure on all surfaces to ensure proper adhesion.