Boom Mat Acoustical Products

Boom Mat™ acoustical products unique ability to filtering sound quality by absorbing the unwanted noise and sound waves drastically improves the enhancement of audio sound performance, eliminating both road and engine noise while also dampening the vibrations that tunnel and surround audio output. Boom Mat™ acoustical products aid in filtering the distortion caused by audio waves from both low and high decibel frequencies or from bass vibrations, road rattle and engine noise disrupts the sound waves we would rather hear.

Boom Mat Installation Roller

Boom Mat Installation Roller - 050218

Boom Mat's new commercial-grade 2” wide Installation Roller is constructed of polished hard maple for no-track seams and a better hold. This versatile wear-resistant roller features a plated axle and rust resistant frame.

Its rubberized anti-slip handle provides a soft “feel” reducing fatigue while offering superior durability, better adhesive transfer and long lasting use.

Boom Mat's Installation Roller ensures a strong positive adhesion of Boom Mat’s thermal acoustic control products while smoothing out any air bubbles. Other uses include home projects such as sealing down wallpaper seams, corners, border edges, setting laminates, non-slip strips and other permanent-stick products.

Features & Benefits

  • 2” wide polished hard maple roller
  • Cushioned handle for increased comfort
  • Multiple uses around home and shop
  • Resistant to water and solvents

Boom Mat Blade Lock Knife

DEI Boom Mat Blade Lock Knife - 050216

Boom Mat’s new Blade Lock Knife offers many key features to facilitate the custom trimming of the many Boom Mat Thermal Acoustic Control products. This high-quality professional grade retractable knife is designed to control the cutting depth with 3 cutting positions for more precise use.

With its quick blade-release push button, blades that become dull, can be quickly reversed or switched for a new one. Spare or used blades are stored in the quick-change sliding pull out storage tray located in the back of the knife which allows replacing blades without the use of tools.

The blades for this type of utility knife come in both double and single-ended versions, and are interchangeable with many others. It’s rubberized, anti-slip handle is a welcome comfort and safety benefit. 

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty long lasting construction
  • Push button quick-blade release 
  • Sliding storage tray holds 5 extra blades
  • Cushioned handle for increased comfort
  • Built-in string cutting notch



Floor & Tunnel Shield II - Heat & Sound Insulation

Floor & Tunnel Shield II - Heat & Sound Insulation - 050507 - 050508 - 050509
Floor & Tunnel Shield II - Heat & Sound Insulation - 050507 - 050508 - 050509Floor & Tunnel Shield II Layer Breakdown


Designed to provide the best possible heat protection in areas where high temperatures are always present and problematic, Floor & Tunnel Shield II limits heat transfer on fire walls, transmission tunnels, floor boards, fuel cells and other areas where heat is an issue.  Floor & Tunnel Shield II provides excellent light weight thermal protection, acts as a guard against track and road debris, and provides sound deadening as well.

Constructed with an embossed 10 mil aluminum face bonded to 1/8” composite glass-fiber core and backed with a high temp super strong pressure sensitive backing, Floor & Tunnel Shield II withstands up to 1750°F of direct continuous heat. The adhesive side holds past 450°F. Its improved multifaceted modern aluminum surface offers improved reflectivity and rigidity and allows for ease of installation. At only 3/16” thick, this product can be shaped and trimmed for a custom fit and is ideal for minimal clearance areas.


Jeep® Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner

Boom Mat Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner - 050132
Boom Mat Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner - 050131Boom Mat Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner - 050137Boom Mat Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner - 050138Boom Mat Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner - 050143Boom Mat Jeep Wrangler Sound Deadening Headliner - 050146

Riding in a Jeep® is great fun except for the truck's propensity for interior noise that makes it difficult to engage in conversations or even enjoy vehicle audio systems.  Now there is an easy solution. Boom Mat’s new Jeep® Wrangler Sound Deadening HeadLiner provides a simple pre-shaped peel and stick kit that dresses up the interior of Jeep hard tops while minimizing annoying outside noise and vibrations while insulating from exterior weather conditions.

Installed Boom Mat’s new Sound Deadening HeadLiner has been tested to reduce noise levels from 3 to 4 decibels.  This is a significant change in sound level that will improve overall interior acoustics so Jeep occupants can enjoy audio system and have conversations without excessive and irritating “noise” distractions.

Boom Mat Sound Deadening HeadLiner is available in black for 4-door and 2-door Jeep® Wranglers 2007 to 2010 hard tops and in black, gray and white for 4-door and 2-door Jeep® Wranglers 2011 to 2016 hard tops.

Features & Benefits


Leather Look Sound Barrier

Boom Mat Leather Look Sound Barrier - 050120, 050121, and 050122
Boom Mat Leather Look Sound Barrier Trunk Installation PhotoBoom Mat Leather Look Layer Brakdown

The new Leather Look Sound Barrier is an ideal way to reduce noise and have a premium leather appearance. Available in a moisture resistant, black leather embossed wear surface features a 1 lb./ft. 2 loaded barrier and is designed for insulating trunks, door panels, floors, speaker boxes and package shelves – any interior area of a vehicle where a leather appearance would provide a finishing touch. Can be permanently installed with Boom Mat Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive or used as temporary protection in trunk and floor areas.

Function is equally important and the new Leather Look Sound Barrier is proven to significantly reduce incoming sounds caused by outside noise, troublesome rattles or squeaks, while providing a level of thermal insulation that lessens transfer of heat and cold in any climate.

Now available in three sizes: 24” X 48” (8 sq. ft.), 48” X 48” (16 sq. ft.) and 48” widths sold by the linear foot. Part numbers respectively are: 050120, 050121, and 050122.

Use as a second layer over Boom Mat Damping Material for the quietest ride possible with a finished embossed leather look.