Samantha Whitfield's Hot HD F-150 Build

Samantha Whitfield and her 2002 Harley Davidson F-150

Samantha Whitfield's 2002 Harley Davidson Ford F150 has been racing at Mission Park in British Columbia, Canada for the past few years getting her best ET of 11.35 @ 120mph. A great time, but Samantha is not happy with great, she wants to be the FASTEST Harley Davidson Ford F-150 in the world! To accomplish this, Samantha inlisted the help of some friends and contacted DEI for a solution to get the most horsepower possible out of her F-150. We recommended the Ny-Trex Triple-Threat nitrous system and CryO2 cryogenic intake system to get the job done.

Samantha's Build Journal Updates

I had just returned with my 2002 Harley Davidson Ford F-150 from the BC Custom Car Show at the Tradex. There I met Rod Neilson, owner of Hot Rod's Restos, where we started talking. One thing led to another and after a few weeks, some sushi, and a lengthy discussion later, my boyfriend, Stefan Hettes, Rod and I decided it was time to tear apart the recently finished truck once again. This time the goal being to make my truck as badass as possible!!!

Box removed from the truckMay 24th: I brought the truck into Hot Rods Resto's located in Abbotsford, BC. We took the box off and examined what needed to be changed.

May 28th: At this point we cut out the old spare tire bracing underneath the box and replaced it with 2: 2x4 crossmembers that will be used as bracing as well as fuel cell mounting points.

On the same day we gutted the interior of the truck, all that was left was the dash and headliner. This way we could see what needed to be done for the chromoly cage. In Canada, the truck legally needs a cage to go 11.50s or quicker.

Close-up of the box off the truckTruck interior after some guttingDEI Ny-Trex Triple Threat N2O SystemDEI CryO2 System

June 15th: I took out the old NOS system and replaced with the DEI Triple-Threat Ny-Trex System giving it a much cleaner look and the extra horsepower needed. I found a perfect spot to mount the solenoid block and much happier with how this system looks. The purge was installed where the passenger winshield wiper once existed.

At the same time we mounted the Cryo2 solenoid above the 3.4 whipple supercharger. The wiring will be completed later on after we finish the interior and center console. This way the switches are where they need to be.

DEI Ny-Trex Triple Threat N2O System - Alternate AngleDEI Ny-Trex Triple Threat N2O System - Alternate Angle 2Ny-Trex N2O PurgeNy-Trex and CryO2 Bottles

June 18th: Thanks to Steve at Harwood and Ken Herring of Texas Chassiworks and Passtime on Speed Channel, I received a 3" fiberglass cowl hood for my truck. After some trimming we got it fitted and removed the front clip as well as the grille and nerf bars to go out for paint.

During the week of the BC custom car show, good friend of Rod Neilson, Chip Foose was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to come by and check out the truck. While he was checking it out under the hood he signed and drew a picture on the relay cover.

HoodFrontChip Foose SignatureLadder Bars

June 28th: We got our suspension components in from Art Morrison, and after tearing out the old, heavy, leaf springs, started mocking up the new ladder bars. These have a huge advantage over leaf springs as leafs tend to wrap, then unload under heaving launches, causing the tires to break free of traction.

Old Ladder BarsJuly 7th: Today, we got the our QA-1 single adjustable coilover shocks in and finished the rear supension. The rear axle is all painted up and ready to go. While our street rims are out for "modifications", we threw on the Bogarts and Mickey Thompson slicks ( thanks to Tom at Mickey Thompson tires, and again, Ken Herring) to see how she sits.

Looks pretty intimidating from a rear view!

Our shipment of Moly tubing comes in tomorrow. The roll cage will get started, and the box will also get tubbed to acomodate the massive 15" wide Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR tires that this truck will roll around on in town.

In the next couple weeks, we're hoping our polished stainless fuel cell built by RicksTanks out of Texas will arrive and we can hang it under the truck to finish off the chassis modifications.

Finished Ladder BarsFinished Ladder Bars - Alternate AngleBox after putting back on the truckRear view

July 26th: We used 36" steel Comp Engineering wheel tubs to make enough room or the 15" wide Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR tires (thanks to Ken Herring and Tom at Mickey Thompson) The bed of the truck will need to get a new spray of Line-X now that the tubs are complete.

Next up on the list is the custom polished fuel cell from Ricks Tanks and Rick Erdman of Amazon Tuning Solutions will be flying out of South Carolina to tune the truck.

New Wheel TubsNew Wheel Tubs - Alternate AngleCageCage - Alternate Angle

August 9th: Getting all the last things for the truck now. Soooo many little things here and there you don't think about until your on the final stretch.

The moly cage is all bent up into shape and mocked up into postion. Tomorrow I am going to sit in the seat and get all measured up so the rear crossbar is at the proper height in relation to my shoulders. Once this is done the cage will get all welded up and painted black gloss. Then time to get new carpet and place it in the cab of the truck giving it a nice clean, finished look! Next up is getting a single piece aluminum driveshaft made up to replace the 2 piece stock driveshaft the truck came with.

We rolled the truck out and gave her a much needed bath (pressure wash!!). We're going to be doing the swingouts this week once my pins arrive... getting super close :)

 - Alternate Angle 2Cage - Alternate Angle 3Truck PicTruck Pic - Alternate Angle

August 27th: The truck is 99% done...just waiting to get my wheels back and my tires from Mikey Thompson. Tomorrow I will have my front clip and grille back from the paint shop.

The cage is completely done and painted, and the carpet is installed. In the bed of the truck we installed a custom triple bottle bracket with 2 cryo and 1 nitrous. The battery was relocated to the bed of the truck. All it needs now is a new spray of Line-X cover the mini tubs.

The truck sounds amazing and very loud with the long tubes, 4 race bullets and 3.5" exhaust with no cats. Rick Erdman of Amazon Tuning Solutions has been a big help sending over modified tunes for me to change with the SCT tuner. The truck runs great and will be even better when he comes out on the 10th to spend a day on the dyno and at the track.

TruckTruck - Alternate AngleTruck - Alternate Angle 2Truck Pic - Alternate Angle 3

September 13th: Unfortunately our concerns of weak head gaskets were verified once truck was on the dyno and making boost. For the street tune on pump gas the truck made 650rwhp on 16lbs of boost. We called it a day once we realized it couldn't handle boost without pressurizing the coolant system. Still decent results on blown head gaskets!!!

Rick Erdman came out for a few days and was extremely helpful and a real genuine great person. We are going to pull the motor and while replacing the head gaskets we will use that as good time to replace the JE pistons with Diamond pistons (ceramic coated) and replace the Eagle rods with Oliver or Manley. That way the truck will handle the power we want to make with confidence and might as well push for 1000hp!

Rick will be coming back out once this is done and will tune it for the track! At this point we will arrange a dyno day at Forcefed and have a bunch of guys come up from the states to get their cars/trucks tuned by Rick.

I will keep you guys posted with things. I wish I had a quarter mile time for you but, better safe than sorry. I am just happy we discovered this on the dyno and not while pushing it at the track, running nitrous!

In the meantime, here's a video of the pull it made 650:

Photos courtesy of Samantha Whitfield

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Samantha and her F150 were featured in the March 2010 issue of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords.

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