Follow Martino Motorsports' 2012 Season

Just wanted to give you a quick rundown of upcoming events:

Sunday, June 19, we have been invited by our sponsor, the Rust Belt Brewing Company, to be a featured display at a Father's Day cruise at Quaker Steak and Lube (Austintown, Ohio).  The event draws a large crowd of cars and families.  Last year the event had 1000s of people present with hundreds of show cars.  The event starts at 5:00 PM and will have media coverage.  If you would like more details, please let us know.

June 23-26 - the NHRA Summit Racing Equipment Nationals (Norwalk).  One of the largest NHRA national events of the season.  We would love to have you guys come up for a day or the whole weekend.  I believe we get one qualifying attempt on Thursday, two qualifying attempts on Friday (which should be the best day for you to come up), and the first two rounds of eliminations are Saturday.



It'd be a great season to date if we raced boats...

Some of our off season highlights included: Dyno-ing our new 640 cubic inch motor with Dean Gellner of Gellner Engineering (Parma, Ohio) and carburetor guru Dale Cubic (of CFM Carbs); having the dragster custom painted by Trolio Auto Specialties and lettered by Eric Johnson of Pier Graphics; converting the dragster over to 16 volts with the help of our long-time friends at TurboStart Racing Batteries (Axion Power); preparing for the always powerful Ny-Trex N20 tune-up by having a wheely bar made for the dragster by Mac Sherrill Race Cars; and hanging out with the DEI / Ny-Trex staff at the IMIS Show in Indy.

Due to the bizarre weather conditions of Northeastern Ohio, we were unable to find a decent weekend to test before heading to Norwalk's NHRA divisional two weeks ago.

Martino Motorsports - The New Paint Job



Test Session at Quaker City Raceway (Salem, Ohio) - September 4
The second test session with the new motor went well.  Although the track and weather were not in the greatest condition, we were able to take the long way down the track with a 150 HP shot of Ny-Trex nitrous (nitrous timers .25 seconds on into the run for 2.25 seconds) and run a 4.55 at 146 MPH in the eight mile (an adequate tune-up for the next race on our schedule, the NHRA Jeg's SuperQuick series event at Pace Makers Dragway).

One of the biggest challenges we’ve had to date with the new motor (since we were unable to dyno it) is finding a convertor combination that will bring this engine to life.  After the two test sessions we’ve had, we are confident that our friend’s over at TCI will be able to take our RacePak data printouts from our runs and build us a convertor that will help maximize our dragster’s potential with the new motor.

NHRA Jeg's SuperQuick series event at Pace Makers Dragway (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) - September 11-12
The NHRA and staff at Pace Makers Dragway did an excellent job of prepping the track for this event.  After watching the first couple pairs of SuperQuick cars run in the first round of qualifying, we decided to roll our nitrous timers back to .25 seconds into the run for 1.30 seconds to ensure that we didn’t run faster than the class index of 4.50 seconds in the eighth mile.



Martino Motorsports' New EngineWe’ve been pretty busy here at Martino Motorsports since our last correspondence.

We’ve competed in four events, the NHRA Lucas Oil Series Event at National Trails Raceway - Columbus, Ohio (July 23-25); the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Double Divisional / Tournament of Champions Qualifier at Pittsburgh Raceway Park - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (August 6-8); and the Night Under Fire G.A.S. Quick 16 event at Quaker City Raceway - Salem, Ohio (August 14), and finally took delivery of our brand new 640 cubic inch motor...



Martino at Jeg's Super Quick SeriesJuly 19, 2010 --

We are just getting back from the NHRA Jeg's Super Quick Series event at Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio. This is a unique event to participate in for many reasons. It's an indexed 1/8th mile event. They qualify 32 dragsters closest to a 4.50 seconds index (similar to the "Price is Right" theory, anything faster than 4.50 seconds doesn't count). We went with our reliable .33 / .36 Ny-Trex Nitrous Oxide Systems tune-up for the event. We ended up qualifying 11th after our first qualifying session with a 4.603 in the right lane and came back for the second session in the other lane and ran a 4.597...