Jerad Busbin's 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec

Immediately after receiving his driver’s license, Jerad Busbin was interested in performance cars.  Quickly introduced to the tuner scene at age 18, he began dirtying his fingers modifying his 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse.  Basic bolt-ons were the start.  It would not end there though.  The initial performance spark ignited an inferno which would lead Jerad to Indian River Community College.  There he enrolled in their automotive technician program.  In short time, the Eclipse tragically lost a timing belt.  A stock-spec rebuilt was out of the question.  The engine received a list of performance aftermarket goodies including forged pistons, Crower cams, racing valve springs and retainers, and a tune to support the mods.  Jerad never raced the Eclipse; he felt it just didn’t have enough power.  A turbo was now in order.  That would not happen, though.  Unfortunately, he realized the high compression ratio and all motor cams would not be turbo friendly.  Jerad is not hesitant to say that he spent way too much money on the Eclipse.  But it was a great starter car to learn on, and he doesn’t regret any of it.

Jerad decided he’d better save up some money and sell the Eclipse.  When he had a good chunk of cash, he took it to the local Dodge dealer and picked up a brand new 2005 Neon SRT-4.  His passion and knowledge of the inner workings of cars rewarded him a job at Tire Kingdom a few months thereafter.  There Jerad worked with and befriended a guy who loved drag racing.  He invited Jerad to go to the drag strip with him one night.  The first pass in the SRT-4 netted a 14.0 second e.t.  That was it; Jerad was hooked on drag racing!  After many months and finally running a 13.9 with the SRT-4, he decided he’d purchase and race a rear-wheel drive car.  Jared spent a lot of time trying to figure out what car best suited him.  Tossing a few options around for a while, he quickly realized these options were not unique.  He wanted to be the first and fastest… somehow.

When Hyundai announced production and sales of the Genesis Coupe, Jerad knew this was certainly the one.  Then the R-Spec version was announced.  Jerad was sure this was just a “teaser”.  But when it eventually appeared in show rooms, he test drove one.  It was love at first drive, and he bought a black R-Spec the first weekend they were available!   Much to Jared’s surprise, it was quickly apparent that the rear-wheel drive Genesis utilized a turbo quite similar to the SRT-4.  What a benefit!  Jared was able to use some left-over parts from his SRT-4 to get the Genesis modifications started.  With the Mopar BOV plate a near perfect fit, a new blow-off-valve was added first.  Following that, a tune was added in short measure.  After considering many routes and other’s results, he chose a re-flash rather than a piggy-back controller.  Then with the addition of a cold-air intake and turbo-back exhaust, Jared’s Black R-Spec was running 14.30’s in the quarter mile.

For a small turbo, inhaling the Florida heat quickly affects performance.  In Jared’s quest for finding the right cooling products, he ran across the DEI sponsorship program.  He ordered some exhaust wrap and some Radiator Relief.  After adding the Radiator Relief to the coolant system and wrapping the 02 housing and downpipe, under-hood temps dropped by about 20°F, on a hot day.  And on a cold night, he reports almost no radiant heat whatsoever.  Jared laughed when he told us “I have spent many cold nights warming up under a friend’s hood at the track.”  What a testimony!  More components were added to quench his thirst for speed.  The list includes a front-mount intercooler and plumbing, 550cc injectors, SS braided fuel line, WOT box, a solid differential mount kit, and finally a re-tune to support all the modifications.  This combination of parts has made Jared the quickest and fastest stock-turbo Genesis.  At time of print, his best e.t. was 13.31 seconds @ 103mph.  In his hunt for 12’s, he plans to soon add a good wheel and drag radial tire combo, DEI’s CryO2 Fuel Chilling System, and CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit.  He is aiming for a 12.99 or faster on a stock turbo, keeping within NSCRA true street class guidelines.  With Jared’s knowledge, competitive drive, and DEI components, we are sure he will soon be calling “12’s” old news and setting his scope on an 11 second time-slip!