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Written by Mary Lendzion for Race Pages Magazine
Photos by NMRA Staff

You can’t help but like Joe Cram. Quick-witted and intelligent, he peppers his conversations with phrases like “In Texas, where I’m from, everyone likes speed” and “If you can run a number in Texas, where the temperature on the floor of my shop gets to be 140 degrees, you can run a number anywhere.” And while you might expect him to rattle off a list of his accomplishments, you’re more likely to hear about the helmets he had signed by Joe DaSilva and Jack Roush among others, and the fact that the one he most cherishes was signed by Steve Grebeck an hour before the wreck that ended his life. “I try to live up to the standards of Joe DaSilva and Steve Grebeck,” said Cram, of Houston, Texas. “Joe is personable and Steve was personable.” What he might not realize is that he, too, is personable — and successful. Proof of that lies in the fact that he was a strong competitor in the Fun Ford Weekend and Clash of the Titans Series’ and even though this is his first full season in the NMRA, he has a cozy spot in third place in the JDM Engineering Super Stang class points as of the Joliet race.



Ny-Trex NpC Progressive Nitrous Controller and Data LoggerNy-Trex™, a division of Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), proudly introduces its all new Progressive Nitrous Controller and Data Logger—the Ny-Trex NpC, a welcome addition to replace primitive knob and switch units.

The Ny-Trex NpC nitrous controller provides expert tuning of a nitrous system through a windows-based graphical interface providing a wide range of data-logging aids for precision tuning including: throttle position, RPM, and vehicle speed.   This advanced nitrous controller and data logger also provides independent control of two stages of N2O.  The unit, with its complete data logging capabilities and computer software, provides users with the analysis they need to quickly tune any N2O system for maximum performance.



written by jason reiss (Race Pages Magazine Nov. 2010)
photos by courtesy of brenspeed

Ny-Trex Triple Threat EditorialEvery year, the Race Pages staff visits the annual Motorsports Parts Media Council (MPMC) trade show in January. The conference is held in the Los Angeles area, and is a chance for media members such as ourselves to have quality face-time with many of the manufacturers that do such a great job supporting this fine magazine, the NMRA, and its racers. Each of the manufacturers on the premises has some of their new parts on display, and the unique format ensures that question-and-answer sessions are at the forefront of each meeting. Most important, the meetings allow us to plan out our editorial calendar with parts and pieces we want to show off to you throughout the course of the rest of the year. At the most recent conference, we met with our friends over at Design Engineering, the parent company of Ny-Trex Nitrous, and were intrigued at the layout of their Triple-Threat nitrous system.



UPDATED SEPT 13: Unfortunately our concerns of weak head gaskets were verified once truck was on the dyno and making boost. For the street tune on pump gas the truck made 650rwhp on 16lbs of boost. We called it a day once we realized it couldn't handle boost without pressurizing the coolant system. Still decent results on blown head gaskets!!!

Rick Erdman came out for a few days and was extremely helpful and a real genuine great person. We are going to pull the motor and while replacing the head gaskets we will use that as good time to replace the JE pistons with Diamond pistons (ceramic coated) and replace the Eagle rods with Oliver or Manley. That way the truck will handle the power we want to make with confidence and might as well push for 1000hp...



Martino Motorsports' New EngineWe’ve been pretty busy here at Martino Motorsports since our last correspondence.

We’ve competed in four events, the NHRA Lucas Oil Series Event at National Trails Raceway - Columbus, Ohio (July 23-25); the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Double Divisional / Tournament of Champions Qualifier at Pittsburgh Raceway Park - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (August 6-8); and the Night Under Fire G.A.S. Quick 16 event at Quaker City Raceway - Salem, Ohio (August 14), and finally took delivery of our brand new 640 cubic inch motor...