Wastegate Heat Shield

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We incorporated all our experience to build the absolute best turbo shield on the market, and we used that same experience to build the best Wastegate Heat Shields. By developing advanced textiles and diving deep into what is needed to control turbo heat, we developed the our Wastegate Heat Shields. A TITANIUM LR outer layer with multiple stainless steel and silica inner layers. Without a doubt the strongest, most heat resistant shield available with a precise fit. DEI Wastegate/Blow Off valve covers help reduce under hood temperatures and reduce the chance of burns when working under the hood. Includes stainless wire for an easy install.

Fitment: TurboSmart Wastegate 40mm - 45mm CompGate and HyperGate


  • Superior thermal insulating properties
  • High tech composite material
  • Stainless mesh and thread for durability


  • Light weight for high performance applications
  • Controls extreme heat from turbo systems
  • Stays secure with true riveted tie downs


  • Reduce underhood temps
  • Help prevent burns
  • Helps improves turbo system efficiency & function

For the best in turbo heat management, pair with a DEI turbo Heat Shield to control underhood temps and make help your turbo run as efficiently as possible.

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