Vapor Block™ Fuel Line Sleeve


Vapor Block™ solves the problem of fuel and other fluids boiling from extreme heat and causing a vapor lock situation.

Prevent rough idling and difficult starting caused by vapor lock with DEI Vapor Block™. Vapor Block™ fuel line sleeve was specifically developed to prevent vapor lock in fuel systems by greatly reducing heat in the line to keep fuel cooler and below boiling. Vapor Block™ installs easily with a split design and adhesive flap. There is no need to disconnect the fuel line to install. Simply wrap Vapor Block™ around the line, remove the adhesive liner and press the adhesive flap into place.

Made of glass fiber and polyester laminated to an aluminum outer layer, Vapor Block™ offers excellent long lasting thermal protection without paying for expensive repairs or modifications.

  • 5/8" (16mm) inside diameter x 36"
  • Split design with adhesive flap
  • Use on fuel lines to prevent vapor lock
  • Can be used on any cable, hose or line for added heat protection
  • Easy to cut to size

Note: Items with custom cut patterns and/or custom cut lengths of material cannot be returned.

Direct Heat Resistance:

Vapor Block™ Fuel Line Sleeve Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Vapor Block

Posted by Wilhelm Prieschl on Jan 28th 2020

Completely eliminated my heat soak and gas boiling in carburetor. My old truck starts every time now.

Weak adhesive tape

Posted by Justin on Oct 31st 2019

Good product but the self adhesive tape is not strong. Has a hard time sticking to itself. Not sure how long it will stay together

Vapor Block fuel line sleeve

Posted by Anthony Herrera on Jul 5th 2019

The heat shielding seems to be of a good material that should hold up well and protect well. The only caveat was the self adhesive part. It was easily made ineffective with small amounts of dirt, so I ended up using zip ties. I think a better solution might be velcro.

Vapour lock sleeve

Posted by Cameron on Jun 28th 2019

Car used to vapour lock on hot days.....this is no longer an issue.....came with enough product to wrap some additional under-hood fuel lines....quality product, easy install.

Easy to install and looks good

Posted by Jon on Jun 2nd 2019

Easy to install and looks good while keeping your fuel cooler. I had tried a couple other options, but it was very time consuming and didn't do anything other than looks. This does it all.

Vapor Block Fuel Line Sleeve

Posted by Marty Martin on May 30th 2019

Does the job of protecting fuel lines in close proximity to exhaust pipes. Pricey but affective!

Vapor block fuel line sleeve

Posted by Unknown on Sep 3rd 2018

Effective for insulating fuel line. Good quality material and easy to apply. Seems to have improved vapor lock circumstances.

Product was easy to install, looks professional

Posted by John Backus on May 6th 2018

Have been driving the car, so far no problems , thank you for a good product

Vapo Block Fuel Line Sleeve

Posted by HemiHead on Apr 25th 2018

Great product, overpriced.

Sell Sheet:
Warning “WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. –

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