Golf Cart Muffler Shield

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Golf Cart Muffler Shield solves the problem of heat soak into interiors and components from mufflers that are close to floors.

The Yamaha G Series golf carts are one of the most popular models for retirement communities and golf courses due to its durability and function. However, the compact engine design puts the muffler directly below the drivers seat. During periods of warm weather driving or a few minutes of idling, the heat from the muffler can make the seat quite uncomfortable. DEI's wrap-around muffler shield kit provides an extra layer of protection that contains the excess heat that would otherwise get to the seat. In addition to keeping the seat cooler, the muffler shield also suppresses the sound and vibration, resulting in a cooler and quieter cart. Installation is easy with basic hand tools and can be performed with the muffler still on the cart.

  • Reduces heat reaching the passenger seat
  • Further reduces muffler sound
  • Pre-cut material for the perfect fit
  • Designed for the Yamaha G-Series Golf Cart
  • Easy installation with hand tools - no need to remove muffler

Golf Cart Muffler Shield Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Muffler shield

Posted by John on Aug 7th 2019

Definitely a quieter cart. Bottom portion of shield did not cover the entire muffle but that might be the design intent

Mike Bales

Posted by Mike Bales on Aug 29th 2018

Product was easily installed but I would recommend improving the clamps. Also there was a very slight improvement in noise and I can only assume temperature reduction since I have no way to measure that. Overall a very good product

Martin Petretti

Posted by Martin Petretti on Aug 22nd 2018

Easy to install,works better than I thought it would, Even made the engine a lot quieter. Shipping was fast the product is perfect.

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“WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. –

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