EXO Series Exhaust Wrap

* Bulk sizes come without packaging.

EXO Series exhaust wrap solves the problem of extreme exhaust heat in extreme environments like offroading and powersports.

EXO Series exhaust wrap is designed for extreme environment use. Traditional exhaust wraps have not been able to withstand the extreme use that Off-road, Dirt track, Desert and other forms of driving have with exposure to water and dirt. The EXO Series is a dual-layer design, using a combination of hi-temp glass fiber, covered with a 304 grade stainless steel exoskeleton. This unique construction maintains high heat protection while offering superior abrasion and impact protection. Our unique Air Gap Technology keeps direct contact of the glass fiber wrap off the hot surface creating an insulating air barrier.

The EXO Series exhaust wrap comes in a special 1.5" width, making it easy to install on any type of header, exhaust pipe or exhaust system making it perfect for high impact spot protection. In addition, the stainless steel exoskeleton locks together when overlapped keeping the wrap tight and making installation easy. Delivering outstanding looks and Rugged performance for long term durability, available in Black or Tan in either 1.5" x 10ft, 20ft, or 30ft rolls.

NOTE: Wrapping of the catalytic converter is not recommended, as overheating can lead to reduced lifetime of the converter. Instead, try our Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield or create your own shield using our Floor & Tunnel Shield II™.

Note of Caution:
Wrap is not designed to be moved or removed after it has been heat cycled. After the fibers have been heated, they lose their initial flexibility. This does not reduce the thermal properties of the exhaust wrap. Be aware of this before you decide to remove the wrap. For this reason, you should avoid wrapping any flex-pipes or flex-joints.

Note about Titanium Exhaust Systems:
DEI does NOT recommend wrapping exhausts made of titanium. The alloys used in the production of titanium exhaust systems tend to be thin and are designed to dissipate heat quickly. Wrapping any titanium exhaust pipe, regardless of brand, can hold in too much heat, and make the titanium alloy turn brittle and prone to premature cracking. If you are seeking to reduce the heat on a titanium exhaust system, DEI recommends using alternatives such as our flexible heat shields.

Direct Heat Resistance:
Radiant Heat Resistance:

EXO Series Exhaust Wrap Reviews

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EXO Series Exhaust Wrap

Posted by Rick Benson on Jun 11th 2018

This wrap was use in two applications: 1) Reduction of excessive heat from a 2017 KTM 1290 SAR rear cylinder exhaust pipe, and 2) Heat protection on a 2014 KTM 450 XCF. The first application worked pretty well because the rear cylinder pipe is tucked inside the frame of the motorcycle and difficult to get to. The stainless mesh acted like a locking mechanism while wrapping the pipe making the installation easier than exhaust wrap without this feature. The second application on the 450 KTM was installed to keep the hot exhaust pipe from melting through riding pants when the pants and pipe came in contact. This application is still probably a problem because the stainless mesh conducts heat from the hot pipe and becomes quite hot itself. When touched with the back of a finger while the engine was running the mesh on the pipe was hot enough to require an quick withdrawal of the finger to keep from getting burned. Would not recommend this product for that purpose.

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Warning “WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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