Cool Tube Extreme™


Able to reflect continuous heat up to 750°F while offering a quality profession look, Cool Tube Extreme™ is flexible enough to conform to tight bends and provide superior protection against extreme under hood temperatures, weather conditions and abrasions. Made from a special composite material with a spiral wire reinforcement, Cool Tube Extreme™ is ultra-light that can be slit lengthwise to apply to cables, wires and hoses.

  • Trim to length
  • Can be slit lengthwise for easy install
  • Tough, durable with an easy to clean finish
Direct Heat Resistance:

Cool Tube Extreme™ Reviews

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Cool Tube Extreme

Posted by Steve Michael on May 16th 2020

Easy to install - better than the discontinued product. Simple and easy to split for existing wire or hose routing. Stays apart during installation, then just squeeze the Cool Tube for a nice looking install. Good heat insulator. Highly recommend.

Cool tube extreme

Posted by Mike c on Jun 5th 2019

I was able to cut and shape this piece to cover a heater core silicone hose that was less than 1" away from an exhaust. It works pretry damn good!

Cool Tube Extreme

Posted by Tim Waller on May 14th 2018

A well built product that can easily be split and fit over existing tubes or wiring. It can then be pressed back together and it keeps it form. It is a very heavy semi-flexible material, but better not used on wiring that flexes a lot, as it can get frayed.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Warning “WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. –

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