New Products

This year, DEI offers a range of new products for your heat control needs and beyond. This section highlights some of the newest products added to the DEI line in one convenient place.

EXO Sleeve

DEI EXO Sleeve - 010872 - Design Engineering Inc
DEI EXO Sleeve - 010872 - Design Engineering IncDEI EXO Sleeve - 010872 - Design Engineering IncDEI EXO Sleeve - 010872 - Design Engineering Inc

Constructed from a high temperature resistant braided glass material, woven into a sleeve and heavily coated with 100% silicone rubber with 304 stainless mesh outer covering, EXO Sleeve provides the ultimate in heat insulation and protection from direct heat up to 500°F.

  • Silicone glass sleeve (DEI Fire Sleeve) surrounded by 304 stainless mesh outer covering
  • Allows direct contact to heat source
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Provides air flow around sleeve
  • Includes a 16" length of Fire Tape
  • Perfect for Insulates wiring, hoses, oil / brake / transmission lines & more
  • Protects from burns during under hood repairs and maintenance
  • Withstands 500°F continuous / 2000°F intermittent heat
  • Available in 3/8" and 1" I.D.




Golf Cart Muffler Shield

Golf Cart Muffler Shield - 010386 - Design Engineering Inc
Yamaha Golf CartYamaha Golf Cart Muffler Heating Passenger's Seat

During periods of warm weather driving or a few minutes of idling, the heat from the muffler can make the seat quite uncomfortable. DEI now offers a wrap-around muffler shield kit that helps contain the excess heat getting to the seat. In addition to keeping the seat cooler, the muffler shield also supresses the sound and vibration, resulting in a cooler and quieter cart. Installation is easy with basic hand tools and can be performed with the muffler still on the vehicle.

Key features:

  • Reduces discomfort caused by excessive muffler heat
  • No permanent modifications are needed for installation
  • Easy install
  • Cart runs cooler & quieter





Mini Versa Shield 5.25" x 16.5"

Mini Versa Shield - 101384 - Design Engineering Inc

Versa-Shield was designed to protect starters from potential failure caused by under hood heat soak conditions. Constructed using an aluminized heat reflective material backed with a hi-temp rated glass fiber insulation barrier, Versa-Shield is capable of reflecting radiant heat up to 2000°F.

Simply wrap desired component with Versa-Shield and trim excess material. Edges attach to itself using a hook & loop edge closure design. In most cases there is no need to remove component when installing Versa-Shield.

  • For use in most mini high Torque starters
  • Withstands 500˚F of direct heat/2000˚ radiant
  • Edges attach to itself with hook & loop closure design
  • Universal-trim length to size
  • Can easily be removed for shows
  • No need to remove starter for installation in most cases
  • Multiple uses to protect master cylinders, cool cans, distributors, fuel pumps & more
  • 5.25" x 16.5"

Positive Locking Tie and Tool Kit

Positive Locking Tie & Tool Kit with Packaging - 010219 - Design Engineering Inc
Positive Locking Tie and Tool Kit - 010219 - Design Engineering Inc

Positive Locking Ties are perfect for securing wrap to pipes with it's self-locking design. Locking Ties offer many other uses including bundling wires, hoses, and other forms of insulation products. Just slide end into locking mechanism and use the included toll to tighten.

  • Made from 316 Stainless Steel
  • Tensile strength: 5/16" 200 lbs. & 1/2" 350 lbs.
  • Capable of withstanding in excess of 2500 degrees F

Locking Tie Tool

  • Makes tightening ties quick and easy
  • Gets locking ties tight
  • Use with any 1/4" drive
  • Works with any stainless tie up to 1/2" wide

Kit Includes:

  • 8 - 9" Locking Ties (Up to 2" diameters)
  • 4 - 14" Locking Ties (Up to 4" diameters)
  • Locking Tie Tool

Easy Loom - Split Wire Sleeve

Easy Loom Split Wire Sleeve - 010650 - Design Engineering Inc
Easy Loom Split Wire Sleeving - 010650 - Design Engineering IncEasy Loom Split Wire Sleeving - 010650 - Design Engineering Inc

Protective Easy Loom Split Sleeves offer a clean, classy way to protect exposed wires, cables and hoses on trucks, SUV's and powersport vehicles including ATVs and UTVs. Superior in style and function to simple plastic tubing, DEI's Split Sleeve adds a superior level of protection to sensitive wires cables and hoses exposed to abrasion or the elements; all with a clean, classy look.

  • Protects against abrasion, chemicals & the elements
  • Clean, classy way to protect wires, hoses & cables
  • Superior style & function vs. plastic tubing
  • Split design makes installation easy
  • No need to disconnect wires
  • Available in multiple diameters