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Reflective Arm Sleeve

DEI Go-Kart Reflective Arm Band - 010866 - Design Engineering Inc
DEI Go-Kart Reflective Arm Band Small - 010866 - Design Engineering IncDEI Go-Kart Reflective Arm Band Medium - 010861 - Design Engineering Inc

In Go-Kart racing the racer’s arm can be in close proximity to the engine and exhaust. The heat alone from the exhaust can be uncomfortable for drivers.

To reduce the potential risk of burns, thermal specialist, DEI, now offers added protection with its Go-Kart Reflective Arm Band Sleeve. Heat resistant, the thermal sleeve reduces the transfer of heat and improves the drivers comfort.




Dyno Strap Heat Guard

Dyno Strap Heat Guard - 010466 - Design Engineering Inc
  • Protect dynamometer tie-down straps from burn-through from exhaust exit heat
  • Made of a hi-temp resistant aluminized mylar material
  • Withstands 500˚F direct /2000˚F radiant heat
  • Easily slips over dyno tie down strap
  • 36" long x 5" wide







Hub & Rotor Cover

Hub & Rotor Cover - 010485 - Design Engineering Inc

Protection from hot brake drums and rotors

  • Prevents potential of serious burns or cuts
  • Aluminized mylar adhered to fiberglass matting
  • Withstand 2000˚F radiant / 500˚F of direct continuous heat
  • Protection against dirt, dust and airborne particles around track or shop
  • Measures 14" W x 7" D x 13" T

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Safety Sleeve

DEI Safety Sleeve - 070520 - Design Engineering Inc
  • Made of Kevlar™
  • Superior cut, slash and heat resistance
  • Thumb-hole sleeve extends past wrists
  • Protects to 900˚F
  • 18" in. in length
  • Available single or in pairs



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Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs - 070530 - Design Engineering Inc

Ear Plugs

  • Single-size fits all
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB
  • Attached with a breakaway cord