Line & Hose Protection

We offer a complete line of hose and wire sleeves to protect against extreme heat.

Quarter Midget Fuel Line Kit

Quarter Midget Fuel Line Kit - 010634 - Design Engineering Inc
Quarter Midget Fuel Line Kit - 010634 - Design Engineering Inc

DEI Fuel Line Cover Kit is a safe and easy way to make sure you pass technical inspection for any USAC - 1/4 Midget Race.

  • Includes 1.5’ of 3/8” ID silicone covered glass braided sleeving. 4 Heat Shrink Sleeves and 2 DEI decals.
  • Enough line sleeving to cover the fuel line on any Quarter Midget car.
  • Meets USAC requirements for fire proof fuel line cover as stated in 2015 rule book.
  • Rated to a max temp of 520˚F for 136 hours.
  • Fuel line covering is mandatory for USAC Quarter Midget class.





Silicone Protect-A-Wire Kit

Silicone Protect-A-Wire Kit - 010636 - Design Engineering Inc

25 ft. of Black Silicone with numbered shrink tube ends to label plug wires to the correct cylinder.

Kit includes:

  • 25’ of 3/8” id Silicone covered Annealed Fiberglass Sleeve
  • 8 DEI branded high heat shrink tube ends
  • 8 Numbered 1-8 high temp shrink tube ends

Annealed Fiberglass sleeve is coated with Silicone providing excellent resistance to abrasion, fraying and punctures. Resistant to chemicals and extremely flexible, heat resistant to 400˚F makes it the perfect choice to cover and protect your spark plug wires. High dielectric strength for high voltage coils and ignition systems.


Ultra 47™ Sheath

DEI Ultra 47™ Sheath - 010230 - Design Engineering Inc
DEI Ultra 47™ Sheath - 010230 - Design Engineering Inc


Designed to be the ultimate protection for your cables, lines, wire or hoses. Ultra Sheath MA™ has a higher sustained heat capability of up to 1100°F and is more flexible than standard foil or bonded aluminum products. Constructed from a process that impregnates molten aluminum to the core fabric giving it higher heat reflective properties. It’s the perfect choice for tight high heat applications.

  • Easy to trim to desired length
  • Direct heat to 1100°F
  • Tightly woven fibers impregnated by molten aluminum give it it’s highly reflective properties

Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve with LR Technology

DEI Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve - 010475 - Design Engineering Inc

DEI’s new Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve™ with LR Technology™ offers the best possible sleeve protection on the market today. Developed specifically for any application where extreme high heat is present, these Titanium™ sleeves will protect wires, lines and cables when exposed up to 1800°F direct heat/2500°F radiant.

Developed with DEI’s proprietary LR Technology, these high temperature rated sleeves provide superior thermal protection for street vehicles or race engines, protecting fuel, oil lines, spark plug and electrical wires from direct or under hood radiant heat. The ½” ID sleeves will fit many of today’s larger diameter spark plug wires for protection against hot exhaust manifolds and headers. Water and heat resistant, they are also ideal for Powersports – ATV/UTV, motorcycle, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and marine use.


Cool-Tube Extreme

DEI Cool-Tube Extreme™ - 010421 - Design Engineering Inc

Able to reflect continuous heat up to 750°F while offering a quality profession look, Cool Tube Extreme is flexible enough to conform to tight bends and provide superior protection against extreme under hood temperatures, weather conditions and abrasions.

Made from a special composite material with a spiral wire reinforced, Cool Tube Extreme is ultra-light that can be slit lengthwise to apply to cables, wires and hoses.

  • No need to remove wires, cables or hoses, Can be slit  lengthwise for easy install
  • Available in 4 vivid colors
  • Easily trim to length
  • Tough, durable with an easy to clean finish
  • Reflects 750° F direct continuous heat
  • 5 available diameters

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