Ignition Wire Protection

DEI offers many wire protection options for auto, marine, and more. This includes the Protect-a-Series which was designed to prevent spark plug wires from burn through and arcing, and offers complete heat protection for your spark plug wires in colorful style.

Titanium Protect-A-Boots

DEI Titanium Boots - 010541 - Design Engineering Inc
DEI Titanium Boots - 010541 - Design Engineering Inc

Titanium Spark Plug Boot Protectors are the latest in thermal protection technology. Developed from a unique material mined from lava rock, this material is naturally resistant to heat, chemicals, abrasions and contaminants. The material is stranded and woven into a tight, proprietary style weave for added durability and strength, yet is pliable enough to provide a universal fit for straight or angled boots.

High horsepower engine compartments are known for extreme heat that can put spark plug boots and wires at risk. With excessive heat generated from the exhaust manifold and headers the ignition system is vulnerable to the potential of burning, hardening and cracking of ignition wires and boots that could lead to arching, engine misfire and potential ignition system failure.

Titanium Protect-A-Boots, with LR technology, are engineered to handle extreme heat – up to 1800°F (983°C) providing the ultimate protection for today's high voltage ignition systems for many applications including automotive, marine and powersports and are available in either a two-pack or eight-pack.


Aluminized Plug Wire Sheath

DEI Aluminized Plug Wire Sheath - 010409 - Design Engineering Inc

Aluminized Plug Wire Sheaths are constructed from high-temperature rated glass fiber material bonded to a heat reflective aluminized material. Plug Wire Sheaths are an inexpensive alternative for protecting specific areas on both ignition wire and boot locations from damaging heat generating sources..

  • Capable of withstanding 2000°F radiant heat
  • Inexpensive alternative for protecting ignition wires and boots
  • Other uses include protecting electrical wiring, harnesses, hoses, cables & more
  • Easy to install
  • 3/4" diameter x 6" long
  • 4 to a pack


DEI Protect-A-Wire™ - 010601 - Design Engineering Inc

Protect expensive spark plug wire sets from potential burning, cracking, and hardening typically caused by severe under hood heat. Easily installs on wire by removing distributor boot and sliding Protect-A-Wire over spark plug wire.

  • Constructed from high temp resistant glass fiber material
  • Withstands 500°F continuous 1200°F radiant heat
  • Four vivid colors; Silver, Black, Red & Blue
  • Available in 2 and 8 cylinder kits
  • Protects electrical wiring, speedometer cable, hoses & more up to 10mm diameter
  • Includes DEI Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes

2 Cylinder Kit Contains:
7 FT. of Line Sleeving, 6 Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes

8 Cylinder Kit Contains:
25 FT. of Line Sleeving, 25 Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes

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Spark Plug Wire / Boot Shrink Tubes

DEI Spark Plug Wire / Boot Shrink Tubes - 010800 -  Design Engineering Inc

Perfect for sealing spark plug wires to boots at each end forming a water-tight weatherproof seal. With a 3 to 1 shrink ratio, shrink tubes can be used to bundle wires as an alternative to tape or plastic ties.

  • 3:1 shrink ratio
  • Offers a clean & professional under hood look
  • 25 tubes to a package
  • Easy to install with ordinary heat gun
  • Available in Gray, Black, Red & Blue

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Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes - Wire Insulation

Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes - 010832 - Design Engineering Inc

Excellent water-tight wire protection for automotive, marine use, and more!

Professional grade military spec flexible polyolefin tubing provides excellent electrical insulation, protection from dirt, dust, solvents, and foreign materials as well as providing strain relief. Over expanded tubing easily fits over the end of wires and connectors and shrinks down to 33% of it’s original diameter for a snug water-tight protective seal without a reduction in tube length.

Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes can be used to insulate wires, wire splicing, connections, terminals and meets the material functional properties of Military Spec DTL-23053/5C.


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