Heat & Sound Barrier

We offer a complete line of materials to protect and insulate for reduced underhood temperatures, driver comfort or component protection.

EGR Cover Pipe Heat Shield for Corvette 1985-1991

EGR Cover 11.5 x 4.5 - 010387 - Design Engineering Inc
EGR Cover 15 x 4.5 - 010388 - Design Engineering IncEGR Cover 4.5 x 4.5 - 010389 - Design Engineering IncEGR Cover Installed on Corvette - 101387 - Design Engineering Inc

Protect 1985 through 1991 Corvette L98 EGR systems and nearby under hood components from damaging heat with the proper EGR Pipe Cover. With DEI’s sewn-in hook & loop edges, installing the EGR cover is a simple, quick and straightforward replacement without removing the EGR pipe. Just wrap the cover around EGR pipe and close edges. Trim off any excess material if necessary. It’s that easy.

EGR Covers are made of a high temperature rated glass fiber fabric bonded to a heat reflective aluminized outer facing. Capable of handling direct heat up to 500˚F and 2000˚F radiant, EGR Covers also provide protection from oil, grease and chemical spills.



Note: Some 1989 Corvettes could have either a 11.5” or 15” EGR pipe

Muffler Shield Kit

Muffler Shield Kit - 010455 - Design Engineering Inc
Muffler Shield Kit - 010455 - Design Engineering Inc

The Best muffler shield/wrap on the market. Based off our proven Floor and Tunnel II heat shield, our new Muffler Shield is designed to wrap around just about any size muffler. Includes our tough Stainless Steel positive locking ties for a tight secure installation. Made from 10mil dimpled aluminum with a 1/8” needle glass insulator it can be easily trimmed to fit most mufflers. Greatly reduces radiant heat coming off your muffler resulting in a cooler interior and protection from damaging heat.

  • Greatly reduce radiant heat from muffler
  • Cooler interior
  • Protect from damaging heat

Kit includes:

  • One - 42” x 24” Muffler Shield
  • Four - 40” x ½” Positive Locking Ties
  • FREE Locking Tie Tool





JEEP ® JK Battery Box Heat Shield Kit

JEEP ® JK Battery Box Heat Shield Kit - 010456 - Design Engineering Inc
JEEP ® JK Battery Box Heat Shield Kit In Use - 010456 - DEIJEEP ® JK Battery Box Heat Shield Kit In Use - 010456 - DEI

Complete kit to protect battery boxes and electrical connections from damaging heat. Includes two heat shields, hardware and detailed instructions.

Protects battery box and electrical connections from heat damage while operating at slow off road speeds. Heat from the passenger side exhaust c an rise to the point of damaging battery boxes and electrical wiring when under heavy loads and slow speeds. Easy to install and includes all necessary hardware.

  • 2012-2015 Jeep JK
  • Protects electrical connections from engine and exhaust heat
  • Protects battery box from exhaust & engine heat







Under-Tank Heat Reflection Kit

DEI Under-Tank Heat Reflection Kit - 010463 - Installation Example
DEI Under-Tank Heat Reflection Kit - 010463 - Design Engineering IncDEI Gold Under-Tank Heat Reflection Kit - 010464 - Design Engineering Inc

Hot fuel reduces engine performance, stresses the fuel pump, and can lead to vapor lock. Using race fuel? Race fuel manufacturers recommend using reflective materials to help keep specialty fuels temperature stable. DEI has come up with an effective kit to help combat this problem. Simply line the underside of your fuel tank with the self-adhesive Reflect-A-Cool™ or Reflect-A-GOLD™ material and trim to shape.

The DEI Reflect-A-Cool material is made up of a aluminized reflective foil backed with a base layer of glass fiber. Its rated to withstand continuous temperatures up to 400˚F degrees and can reduce fuel temps by up to 30%. Installation is easy, the material can be cut with scissors and lays down well to cover irregular shapes. This kit can be used with all tanks including metal, plastic and fiberglass.

For those running in extreme conditions or running air cooled engines, we recommend our up-spec Reflect-A-GOLD™ material. The heat rating doubles while the thickness and weight of the material remains the same. Each kit includes a 24”x24” sheet of material along with a 1 ½”X 15ft. roll of tape to help cover seems and irregular shapes.

Key Features:


Heat Screen™ with Adhesive Backing

Heat Screen™ with Adhesive Backing - 010400 - Design Engineering Inc

Adhesive backed aluminized mylar radiant matting

Heat Screen™ with adhesive backing is an excellent method for reflecting unwanted heat from areas and surfaces needing protection. With a thickness of only .060 inches, Heat Screen requires minimal clearance and is capable of withstanding 2000°F of radiant heat. Ideal for protecting body panels, floor boards, gas tanks, fairings and for use under carpeting to name a few. Uses include race vehicles, marine, truck, SUV’s, RV’s, aviation and industrial applications.

  • Backed with high temp pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Excellent protection for painted surfaces
  • Withstands 1200°F of direct heat
  • Trim to desired size
  • Peel & Stick
  • Aggressive hi-temp peel and stick backing for easy installation