Heat & Sound Barrier

We offer a complete line of materials to protect and insulate for reduced underhood temperatures, driver comfort or component protection.

Heat Shroud GOLD™

Heat Shroud Gold™ - 010458 - Design Engineering Inc
Heat Shroud Gold™ - 010458 - Design Engineering IncHeat Shroud Gold™ - 010458 - Design Engineering Inc

Manufactured from our high temperature Metalized Polyimide lamination, bonded to a robust 20oz heat treated glass fiber base material, the DEI Heat Shroud GOLD™ line & hose sleeving will protect and keep components cool in the most demanding applications. Able to reflect direct heat up to 800˚F makes Heat Shroud Gold line & hose sleeving the perfect choice to keep critical lines cool and protected.

Heat Shroud GOLD™ includes the added convenience of hook & loop closure with open edges. Without the need of removing one end of connected wires, cables and hoses, simply wrap around whatever needs protection and close edges.

  • 20oz. heat treated base glass
  • Lock weave pattern
  • Metalized Polyimide lamination
  • Base glass radiant heat to 1100˚F
  • Easy to cut or trim to size
  • High temperature Hook and Loop
  • .031” thick
  • 67% reflection of heat during Heat Flux testing
  • Tested to FSTM 191.5100 standards
  • Tested to ASTM D1117 standards
  • Only available from DEI






Black UnderHood™ Thermal Acoustic Liner

DEI Black UnderHood™ Thermal Acoustic Liner - 050129
DEI Black UnderHood™ Liner Detail - 050129 - Design Engineering Inc

Designed primarily for the engine compartment as a way to greatly reduce heat and noise with an easy peel and stick product anyone can install. Engine heat and noise often is a problem with today’s modified vehicles packed with high performance components. The use of Under Hood™ Thermal Acoustic Lining can help solve this issue.

  • Black carbon fiber look
  • Cooler hood surfaces protects your paint
  • Reduced engine noise for quieter passenger compartment
  • Easy peel & stick installation
  • Resists mold & mildew issues
  • Measures 32" x 59"









DEI Form-A-Shield™ - 050517 - Design Engineering Inc
DEI Form-A-Shield™ - 050517 - Design Engineering IncDEI Form-A-Shield™ - 050517 - Design Engineering IncDEI Form-A-Shield™ - 050517 - Design Engineering Inc
  • Made from 10mil dimpled aluminum with a 1/4" high temperature basalt insulation
  • Can withstand direct temps to +1400°F
  • High temperature version of Floor & Tunnel Shield II
  • Basalt based woven fabric insulator
  • Can be applied directly to hot surfaces
  • Molds easily to exhaust manifolds, pipes and mufflers
  • Outstanding performace in reflecting and blocking heat
  • Easily trimmed to size
  • Excellent to use as a heat barrier for transmissions near hot exhausts




C7 Corvette Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud

C7 Corvette Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud - 010488 - Design Engineering Inc
Installing C7 Corvette Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud - 010488

Cranking out a healthy 650 hp and 650 lb-ft isn't without great risks of failure from overheating important internal parts on the C7 Corvette Z06. One such area is the placement of the Z06 oil cooler lines in close proximity to the catalytic converter which produces 1200+ degrees - the equivalent of lava - and one of the hottest parts on the Z06 - especially on the racetrack being pushed to its limits.

The DEI Oil Cooler Heat Shroud is designed to easily wrap around the oil cooler lines without disconnecting the lines, making installation simple and easy. The result is greatly reducing harmful radiant heat from soaking into the oil cooler lines.

  • Reduces oil temperature
  • Helps prevent Z06 from going into "limp mode" due to engine oil over heating
  • No need to remove or disconnect lines to install

Reflective Fuel Can Cover

DEI Reflective Fuel Can Cover Product Line - 010467 - Design Engineering Inc
DEI Reflective Round Fuel Jug Cover - 010489 - Design Engineering IncDEI Reflective Dump Can Cover - 010498 - Design Engineering IncDEI Reflective Scribner Utility Can Cover - 010033 - Design Engineering Inc

Most paddocks and pit areas require fuel to be stored outside, exposing your expensive investment to the summer sun. This exposure heats the can, shortening the life of the fuel, degrading the performance potential.

Now you can keep fuel temperatures stable and extend the pot life of expensive race fuels with DEI's reflective can covers. No more stuffing the cans under blankets or moving them around all day to avoid the sun.

The DEI covers are designed to easily slip over the standard 5 gallon metal cans that most race fuels come in. These durable covers reflect away radiant heat and keep your fuel cool!

  • Fits standard 5 Gallon race fuel cans
  • Keeps race fuel cans cool
  • Easy on and off