Component Specific Products

Component specific heat shield and insulating products.

Reflective Fuel Can Cover

DEI Reflective Fuel Can Cover Product Line - 010467 - Design Engineering Inc
DEI Reflective Round Fuel Jug Cover - 010489 - Design Engineering IncDEI Reflective Dump Can Cover - 010498 - Design Engineering IncDEI Reflective Scribner Utility Can Cover - 010033 - Design Engineering Inc

Most paddocks and pit areas require fuel to be stored outside, exposing your expensive investment to the summer sun. This exposure heats the can, shortening the life of the fuel, degrading the performance potential.

Now you can keep fuel temperatures stable and extend the pot life of expensive race fuels with DEI's reflective can covers. No more stuffing the cans under blankets or moving them around all day to avoid the sun.

The DEI covers are designed to easily slip over the standard 5 gallon metal cans that most race fuels come in. These durable covers reflect away radiant heat and keep your fuel cool!

  • Fits standard 5 Gallon race fuel cans
  • Keeps race fuel cans cool
  • Easy on and off



EGR Cover Pipe Heat Shield for Corvette 1985-1991

EGR Cover 11.5 x 4.5 - 010387 - Design Engineering Inc
EGR Cover 15 x 4.5 - 010388 - Design Engineering IncEGR Cover 4.5 x 4.5 - 010389 - Design Engineering IncEGR Cover Installed on Corvette - 101387 - Design Engineering Inc

Protect 1985 through 1991 Corvette L98 EGR systems and nearby under hood components from damaging heat with the proper EGR Pipe Cover. With DEI’s sewn-in hook & loop edges, installing the EGR cover is a simple, quick and straightforward replacement without removing the EGR pipe. Just wrap the cover around EGR pipe and close edges. Trim off any excess material if necessary. It’s that easy.

EGR Covers are made of a high temperature rated glass fiber fabric bonded to a heat reflective aluminized outer facing. Capable of handling direct heat up to 500˚F and 2000˚F radiant, EGR Covers also provide protection from oil, grease and chemical spills.



Note: Some 1989 Corvettes could have either a 11.5” or 15” EGR pipe

Muffler Shield Kit

Muffler Shield Kit - 010455 - Design Engineering Inc
Muffler Shield Kit - 010455 - Design Engineering Inc

The Best muffler shield/wrap on the market. Based off our proven Floor and Tunnel II heat shield, our new Muffler Shield is designed to wrap around just about any size muffler. Includes our tough Stainless Steel positive locking ties for a tight secure installation. Made from 10mil dimpled aluminum with a 1/8” needle glass insulator it can be easily trimmed to fit most mufflers. Greatly reduces radiant heat coming off your muffler resulting in a cooler interior and protection from damaging heat.

  • Greatly reduce radiant heat from muffler
  • Cooler interior
  • Protect from damaging heat

Kit includes:

  • One - 42” x 24” Muffler Shield
  • Four - 40” x ½” Positive Locking Ties
  • FREE Locking Tie Tool





JEEP ® JK Battery Box Heat Shield Kit

JEEP ® JK Battery Box Heat Shield Kit - 010456 - Design Engineering Inc
JEEP ® JK Battery Box Heat Shield Kit In Use - 010456 - DEIJEEP ® JK Battery Box Heat Shield Kit In Use - 010456 - DEI

Complete kit to protect battery boxes and electrical connections from damaging heat. Includes two heat shields, hardware and detailed instructions.

Protects battery box and electrical connections from heat damage while operating at slow off road speeds. Heat from the passenger side exhaust c an rise to the point of damaging battery boxes and electrical wiring when under heavy loads and slow speeds. Easy to install and includes all necessary hardware.

  • 2012-2015 Jeep JK
  • Protects electrical connections from engine and exhaust heat
  • Protects battery box from exhaust & engine heat







Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cover

Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cover - 010465 - Design Engineering Inc


Just as racers use tire warmers to maintain tire temperatures between sessions, it’s equally
important to maintain stable fuel temperatures. Hot fuel results in less HP, increased fuel
pump stress, and the increased risk of vapor lock. The DEI slip-on fuel tank cover is made
from a 2mm felt backed Mylar material and is capable of reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s
heat. This helps prevent the fuel in the tank from “baking in the sun” between green flags.
Simply cinch the draw string and your bikes fuel will stay nice and cool between races. Elastic
edges ensure a snug fit, no matter what brand you ride.

  • Fast on & off, perfect for the paddock
  • Reflects heat from the sun
  • Helps prevent vapor lock
  • A must for hot sunny days
  • One size fits all
  • Won't scratch or harm tank
  • Keeps hot sun off tank & keeps fuel cool
  • Helps prevent vapor lock from high temperatures
  • Easy to use draw string to secure cover