Component Specific Products

Component specific heat shield and insulating products.

Mini Versa Shield 5.25" x 16.5"

Mini Versa Shield - 101384 - Design Engineering Inc

Versa-Shield was designed to protect starters from potential failure caused by under hood heat soak conditions. Constructed using an aluminized heat reflective material backed with a hi-temp rated glass fiber insulation barrier, Versa-Shield is capable of reflecting radiant heat up to 2000°F.

Simply wrap desired component with Versa-Shield and trim excess material. Edges attach to itself using a hook & loop edge closure design. In most cases there is no need to remove component when installing Versa-Shield.

  • For use in most mini high Torque starters
  • Withstands 500˚F of direct heat/2000˚ radiant
  • Edges attach to itself with hook & loop closure design
  • Universal-trim length to size
  • Can easily be removed for shows
  • No need to remove starter for installation in most cases
  • Multiple uses to protect master cylinders, cool cans, distributors, fuel pumps & more
  • 5.25" x 16.5"

C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield

C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield - 010069 - Design Engineering Inc
Installed C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield - 010069 - DEI

C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Titanium Heat Shield

When driven at a moderate to hard pace the New Corvettes can over heat the engine oil causing the ECM to reduce power. DEI has come up with a simple but effective solution. Chevrolet located the engine oil cooler and oil filter close to the driver side catalytic converter. This causes thermal heat transfer that raises the oil temperature above the safe operating limit. By installing our converter heat shield we can block this heat transfer from happening and prevent the oil temperature from rising.

  • Dual layer design - Outer layer is our hi-temp Titanium material, inner layer is 89% silica material to handle extreme heat
  • Reduce heat soak into oil
  • Easy installation with stainless steel ties
  • Helps prevent car from going into "limp mode" from engine oil becoming too hot
  • Includes four 20" locking ties and a FREE locking tie tool

C7 Corvette Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud

C7 Corvette Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud - 010488 - Design Engineering Inc
Installing C7 Corvette Oil Cooler Line Heat Shroud - 010488

Cranking out a healthy 650 hp and 650 lb-ft isn't without great risks of failure from overheating important internal parts on the C7 Corvette Z06. One such area is the placement of the Z06 oil cooler lines in close proximity to the catalytic converter which produces 1200+ degrees - the equivalent of lava - and one of the hottest parts on the Z06 - especially on the racetrack being pushed to its limits.

The DEI Oil Cooler Heat Shroud is designed to easily wrap around the oil cooler lines without disconnecting the lines, making installation simple and easy. The result is greatly reducing harmful radiant heat from soaking into the oil cooler lines.

  • Reduces oil temperature
  • Helps prevent Z06 from going into "limp mode" due to engine oil over heating
  • No need to remove or disconnect lines to install

ONYX™ Series Starter Shield

ONYX™ Series Starter Shield - 010236 - Design Engineering Inc

The new ONYX™ Series Starter Shield from Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), provides reliable heat protection for starters under severe duty or extreme heat. Starters exposed to heat soak often malfunction or have problems starting reliably.  DEI’s next generation ONYX Series Starter Shield provides the highest level of thermal protection to prevent starter malfunction due to heat soak.

The ONYX Series Starter Shield combines two technologically advanced textiles into a dual layer for maximum thermal control. The outer layer is made from heat treated glass fiber bonded with molten aluminum then formed into a tight weave for added strength and durability. The inner layer is made of a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica). Combined, these materials protect the starter up to 1350°F of direct heat.


Polaris® Slingshot™ Heat Control Kit

DEI Polaris® Slingshot™ Heat Control Kit - 010089 - Design Engineering Inc
DEI Polaris® Slingshot™ Heat Control Kit - 010089 - Design Engineering IncDEI Polaris® Slingshot™ Heat Control Kit - 010089 - Design Engineering IncDEI Polaris® Slingshot™ Heat Control Kit - 010089 - Design Engineering Inc

Polaris® has redefined the powersports market segment with the recent introduction of the exciting three-wheeled Slingshot™. With its compact design and 4 cylinder engine, the muffler, catalytic converted, and exhaust manifold all residing in a close proximity to one another on the right side of the vehicle. This concentration of heat easily transfers into the passenger area, cooking the floor and cockpit area.

To address the heat issue, DEI has developed a custom cut, 11 piece kit that includes a double walled main heat shield, a single walled floor pan heat shield, nine additional cover pieces to cover the transmission tunnel, rocker panels and center console. The end result is a cooler and quieter Slingshot™; allowing for longer rides and improved comfort.