C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield

C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield - 010069 - Design Engineering Inc
Installed C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield - 010069 - DEI
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C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Titanium Heat Shield

When driven at a moderate to hard pace the New Corvettes can over heat the engine oil causing the ECM to reduce power. DEI has come up with a simple but effective solution. Chevrolet located the engine oil cooler and oil filter close to the driver side catalytic converter. This causes thermal heat transfer that raises the oil temperature above the safe operating limit. By installing our converter heat shield we can block this heat transfer from happening and prevent the oil temperature from rising.

  • Dual layer design - Outer layer is our hi-temp Titanium material, inner layer is 89% silica material to handle extreme heat
  • Reduce heat soak into oil
  • Easy installation with stainless steel ties
  • Helps prevent car from going into "limp mode" from engine oil becoming too hot
  • Includes four 20" locking ties and a FREE locking tie tool
Price: $102.94