Component Specific Products

Component specific heat shield and insulating products.

LS Engine Coil Pack Shield

DEI LS Engine Coil Pack Shield - 011001 - Design Engineering, Inc.
LS ACCEL Engine Coil Pack Shield - 011001LS MSD Engine Coil Pack Shield - 011001

Eliminates the need to relocate coils packs and prevents premature coil failure due to overheating. Easy to install precut shields install under the coil bracket reducing the radiant heat to the coils from the engine and exhaust. Works on factory and aftermarket coils and brackets.

  • Semi-Ridged shield made from double sided aluminum & high temperature foam core
  • Insulates & reflects heat away from the coils
  • Extends coil life
  • Sold in pairs









Cool Cover GOLD™ - Air Tube Cover Kit

Cool Cover Gold™ - 010486 - Design Engineering Inc
Cool Cover Gold™ - 010486 - Design Engineering IncCool Cover Gold™ - 010486 - Design Engineering Inc

Cool Cover GOLD™ is manufactured from our high temperature Metalized Polyimide lamination, bonded to a robust 20oz heat treated glass fiber base material and will protect and keep components cool in the most demanding applications. Cool Cover Gold is made with the convenience of hook & loop closure design along the open edges for easy installation and able to reflect direct heat up to 800˚F making it the perfect choice to keep air intakes cool and protected.

  • Products measures 28" length and fits air intake tubes 3”– 4” dia.
  • 20oz. heat treated base glass
  • Lock weave pattern
  • Metalized Polyimide lamination
  • Base glass radiant heat to 1100˚F
  • Easy to cut or trim to size
  • High temperature Hook and Loop
  • .031” thick
  • Only available from DEI
  • 67% reflection of heat during Heat Flux testing
  • Tested to FSTM 191.5100 standards
  • Tested to ASTM D1117 standards

Golf Cart Muffler Shield

Golf Cart Muffler Shield - 010386 - Design Engineering Inc
Yamaha Golf CartYamaha Golf Cart Muffler Heating Passenger's Seat

During periods of warm weather driving or a few minutes of idling, the heat from the muffler can make the seat quite uncomfortable. DEI now offers a wrap-around muffler shield kit that helps contain the excess heat getting to the seat. In addition to keeping the seat cooler, the muffler shield also supresses the sound and vibration, resulting in a cooler and quieter cart. Installation is easy with basic hand tools and can be performed with the muffler still on the vehicle.

Key features:

  • Reduces discomfort caused by excessive muffler heat
  • No permanent modifications are needed for installation
  • Easy install
  • Cart runs cooler & quieter





Mini Versa Shield 5.25" x 16.5"

Mini Versa Shield - 101384 - Design Engineering Inc

Versa-Shield was designed to protect starters from potential failure caused by under hood heat soak conditions. Constructed using an aluminized heat reflective material backed with a hi-temp rated glass fiber insulation barrier, Versa-Shield is capable of reflecting radiant heat up to 2000°F.

Simply wrap desired component with Versa-Shield and trim excess material. Edges attach to itself using a hook & loop edge closure design. In most cases there is no need to remove component when installing Versa-Shield.

  • For use in most mini high Torque starters
  • Withstands 500˚F of direct heat/2000˚ radiant
  • Edges attach to itself with hook & loop closure design
  • Universal-trim length to size
  • Can easily be removed for shows
  • No need to remove starter for installation in most cases
  • Multiple uses to protect master cylinders, cool cans, distributors, fuel pumps & more
  • 5.25" x 16.5"

C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield

C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield - 010069 - Design Engineering Inc
Installed C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Shield - 010069 - DEI

C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Titanium Heat Shield

When driven at a moderate to hard pace the New Corvettes can over heat the engine oil causing the ECM to reduce power. DEI has come up with a simple but effective solution. Chevrolet located the engine oil cooler and oil filter close to the driver side catalytic converter. This causes thermal heat transfer that raises the oil temperature above the safe operating limit. By installing our converter heat shield we can block this heat transfer from happening and prevent the oil temperature from rising.

  • Dual layer design - Outer layer is our hi-temp Titanium material, inner layer is 89% silica material to handle extreme heat
  • Reduce heat soak into oil
  • Easy installation with stainless steel ties
  • Helps prevent car from going into "limp mode" from engine oil becoming too hot
  • Includes four 20" locking ties and a FREE locking tie tool