Flex Damping Material

Boom Mat Flex Damping Material - 050225 - Design Engineering Inc
SKU: 050225

Designed for applications that require a damping material that can conform to odd shapes and tighter bends than our standard Boom Mat. Boom Mat Flex can be used to form around tight curves, used inside wheel wells, around tubing and pipes and other areas where the standard Boom Mat Aluminum may not conform easily. Made from the same high quality 2.5mm thick Butyl rubber bit with a clear poly surface that allows it shape around any surface.

  • Conforms to odd bends and tight curves
  • 2.5mm thick butyl with clear poly surface
  • Great for wheel wells and around tubing & pipes
  • 12in x 12in squares
  • 4 squares per pack (4 sq.ft.)
Price: $28.80