Project Vehicles

DEI BoomMat Floor and Tunnel Shield IIOver the past year with our new motorhome we have been battling high heat issues between the driver and passenger seats where the large Ford V-10 engine is located.  Although the motor is covered with a thick carpeted housing with “factory” insulation placed around the engine, said areas get very warm and uncomfortable during road-trips, which fans and air-conditioning can’t seem to keep cool.

This past Saturday we took said housing apart to install the DEI BoomMat Floor & Tunnel Shield II to help significantly reduce temperatures in the “cockpit” area of our motorhome.



Eden Chopper Class 2011Good fortune, hard work, the love of bikes and huge amounts of assistance from exceptional companies like DEI are the most important elements to the continued growth of Eden’s Chopper Class. This year marked the fourth consecutive bike building campaign for Eden’s Chopper Class/Tech Club. In late March the Chopper Class made their annual trip out to Saint Paul Minnesota. The kids had the sporty powered drag bike they designed and built in tow and entered it into the 2011 version of the Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge. Our young group/build team did a great job discussing the build process and their contribution to the finished machine. After capturing an award or two the bike came back to the shop and was immediately disassembled to complete some final engine assembly/ inspection as well as perform our final QC inspection before firing the old girl up. “Shake N bake” will hit the dyno soon and then the track(s). In 2011 DEI once again helped challenge my kids to take our program to the next level. The tree and finish line will provide my students with all the real world feedback the need over the next few months. We will keep you posted.



Bill Snowden's 2003 CobraThe 37th annual World of Wheels car show in Boston, MA is historically one of the biggest and best car shows on New England. Last year, for example, the show attracted nearly 90,000 attendees. It is an ISCA Judged event that only accepts the highest quality cars and was limited to 200 entries accepted from all over the nation. Everything from custom rods to fully original classics to modified new edge vehicles were there to be shown and judged, and newcomer Bill Snowden was a part of it.



Bob Johnson's 58 Buick Estate WagonFrom the May, 2011 issue of Rod & Custom
By Rob Fortier

For most, a quadruple coronary bypass would cause a serious detour in life. That was just one of Bob Johnson's personal ordeals he's endured in the last few years alone. Following his heart surgery in 2005, Bob experienced the ride of his life just four years later-one that almost cost him his life. After setting an initial record (naturally aspirated gas) at Bonneville with his Cadillac "XXXLR" land speed car, he and car builder Alan Johnson (no relation) went back the following month to set yet another record in the fuel class. Unfortunately, the second attempt resulted in a horrendous crash due to a major chute failure-nine end-over-end flips at 260 mph. The car, suffice it to say, was destroyed; Bob, however, fared a little better, suffering mild injuries in comparison, but did get his bell rung pretty severely.



Written by Mary Lendzion for Race Pages Magazine
Photos by NMRA Staff

You can’t help but like Joe Cram. Quick-witted and intelligent, he peppers his conversations with phrases like “In Texas, where I’m from, everyone likes speed” and “If you can run a number in Texas, where the temperature on the floor of my shop gets to be 140 degrees, you can run a number anywhere.” And while you might expect him to rattle off a list of his accomplishments, you’re more likely to hear about the helmets he had signed by Joe DaSilva and Jack Roush among others, and the fact that the one he most cherishes was signed by Steve Grebeck an hour before the wreck that ended his life. “I try to live up to the standards of Joe DaSilva and Steve Grebeck,” said Cram, of Houston, Texas. “Joe is personable and Steve was personable.” What he might not realize is that he, too, is personable — and successful. Proof of that lies in the fact that he was a strong competitor in the Fun Ford Weekend and Clash of the Titans Series’ and even though this is his first full season in the NMRA, he has a cozy spot in third place in the JDM Engineering Super Stang class points as of the Joliet race.