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Russ Morseman Racing #44Russell Morseman III already had looked impressive in after just a few starts in his first season behind the wheel of a sportsman, but he made confirmed what was suspected when he scored the win in the 20-lap feature Friday Night. “Holy Cow!” said an elated Morseman in Victory Lane. “Me and my brother (4-cylinder competitor Brandon) love this place and we are running here for something new this year and this is great.”Morseman took over the lead from Trevor Sutherland on lap eight and had to fend off Sutherland and a handful of other competitors in order to pick up the win. Perhaps his biggest opponent was his punctured right rear tire that did not manifest itself until after it was parked in Victory Lane.Five caution flags would fall in the final seven laps, and on each restart Morseman was able to hold off the likes of Steve Swarthout, Fran Hilton and Donnie Lawson on the final restart.



UW at 2011 Formula SAEOn the second weekend in May, the WR-211 put Wisconsin Racing back on the map with a 5th place finish at Formula SAE Michigan. This marks the first top five finish for the team since the 2008 but the 6th since 2000. The 5th place finish also makes UW-Madison the top finishing domestic team (1st place went to Global Formula Racing, a collaborative effort between Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg-Ravensburg and Oregon State). The results for the top ten are listed below.



It'd be a great season to date if we raced boats...

Some of our off season highlights included: Dyno-ing our new 640 cubic inch motor with Dean Gellner of Gellner Engineering (Parma, Ohio) and carburetor guru Dale Cubic (of CFM Carbs); having the dragster custom painted by Trolio Auto Specialties and lettered by Eric Johnson of Pier Graphics; converting the dragster over to 16 volts with the help of our long-time friends at TurboStart Racing Batteries (Axion Power); preparing for the always powerful Ny-Trex N20 tune-up by having a wheely bar made for the dragster by Mac Sherrill Race Cars; and hanging out with the DEI / Ny-Trex staff at the IMIS Show in Indy.

Due to the bizarre weather conditions of Northeastern Ohio, we were unable to find a decent weekend to test before heading to Norwalk's NHRA divisional two weeks ago.

Martino Motorsports - The New Paint Job



Written by Mary Lendzion for Race Pages Magazine
Photos by NMRA Staff

You can’t help but like Joe Cram. Quick-witted and intelligent, he peppers his conversations with phrases like “In Texas, where I’m from, everyone likes speed” and “If you can run a number in Texas, where the temperature on the floor of my shop gets to be 140 degrees, you can run a number anywhere.” And while you might expect him to rattle off a list of his accomplishments, you’re more likely to hear about the helmets he had signed by Joe DaSilva and Jack Roush among others, and the fact that the one he most cherishes was signed by Steve Grebeck an hour before the wreck that ended his life. “I try to live up to the standards of Joe DaSilva and Steve Grebeck,” said Cram, of Houston, Texas. “Joe is personable and Steve was personable.” What he might not realize is that he, too, is personable — and successful. Proof of that lies in the fact that he was a strong competitor in the Fun Ford Weekend and Clash of the Titans Series’ and even though this is his first full season in the NMRA, he has a cozy spot in third place in the JDM Engineering Super Stang class points as of the Joliet race.



Those of you familiar with our website might also be familiar with the guys at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who we have featured on our site before. Each year they compete with universities from all over the world in the Formula SAE Collegiate Design Challenge. The object is to promote jobs and excellence in engineering by basically designing and building a race car from the ground up with the objective of making it the fastest most efficient vehicle possible.

As per the organization's website: