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November 19, 2011: DEI's own Matt Handwork runs a 9.95 @ 139 mph 1/4 mile at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Matt utilizes our Ny-Trex Diesel Nitrous System on his 6000 lb., Duramax Diesel powered, Single-Turbo, stock-chassis, 2003 Chevrolet Silverado LB7 pickup truck.  So much for aerodynamics and minimum weight…horsepower and torque shall provide the victory!

For more on Matt and his 03 Silverado visit CamoMaxRacing.com



Maxd Out Race TeamRob Coddens recently wrote us detailing his 2011 Diesel racing season, and offered feedback concerning his use of the DEI Ny-Trex Nitrous System and DEI Titanium Turbo Shields. He writes:

"We wrapped up our 2011 Diesel race season and the DEI N2O system and Turbo blankets worked flawlessly in our World Record holding 4x4 drag truck.  Amazing the abuse I put these turbo blankets through while propelling a 6,000 pound, 1350 RWHP, 4 x 4 diesel pickup truck down the ¼ mile running 9.3 second ET at 149+ MPH.

With the size of the turbos we are running, to achieve this performance level on a diesel engine, the blankets help tremendously with spooling on the line and keeping the heat in where it belongs for added boost and power. The N2O system worked beautifully and without any problems..."



Randy Simmons' and his Hudson project raced the Mojave Mile recently and have been featured in an event video. Check it out below.

The Hudson project was sponsored by the Michael-Ryan Pattison Foundation and developed to be quadriplegic and paraplegic accessible. The 1947 Hudson Race Truck was designed and built by Randy Simmons, a California entrepreneur and inventor specializing in robotic engineering.

Click Here to learn more about Randy Simmons Hudson Project



Andrey of Top Speed Ukraine takes 1st PlaceOur friends in the Ukraine at Top Speed had their final race of the year last weekend. It was the Russian Championship Finals. They ran in the top class, against the fastest cars, and they walked away with first place!

Their Qualification time was 8.214, then the quarterfinal race there was a traction problem and things didn't go so well, managing a time of 8.7. In the semifinal race they ran a NEW EURO record of 8.164 at 168mph! And in a final run they also clocked in a time of 8.167 for a first place victory!

60 feet was 1.31-1.4 each run. Here are some numbers from our log files:



The following is our race weekend recap!  This was the annual Non-Wing racing event in which we take off the wing and put a body on #77 Tim Ice Bodnar chassis weekly car.  For Charlie in the #7 car we bring out the Matczak chassis non-wing car.  This particular car we only run once a year and at this event.

Racing was pretty good and we were sitting pretty until inspection time.  Then the bomb was dropped that we were ½” too wide on the #7 Matczak car.  The problem was, we had gone to a wide five and forgot to remove the spacer.  So we took home a paycheck for 3rd and last.  Needless to say we were extremely disappointed.

Here is the racing recap from the weekend: