Wisconsin Competes at Formula Student Germany

UW Racing This past August, The University of Wisconsin Formula SAE Racing Team competed at this year's Formula Student Germany. Just what is Formula Student Germany? It's an international design competition where "Students build a single seat formula racecar with which they can compete against teams from all over the world. The competition is not won solely by the team with the fastest car, but rather by the team with the best overall package of construction, performance, and financial and sales planning. Formula Student challenges the team members to go the extra step in their education by incorporating into it intensive experience in [designing], building and manufacturing as well as considering the economic aspects of the automotive industry."

While competing at Formula Student Germany, a Russian television program called "Russia Today" did a news story on the international design competition. The story itself is pretty cool and features a team from Moscow (about 24 minutes long), but at about 4:35 of the story, the reporter interviews the Wisconsin Racing Team's Technical Director, Andrew Baum.

UW Racing Team in Germany

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