Week 11 - May Motorsports Recap

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We are just checking in with a race weekend report.  The team headed to Flat Rock Speedway in Carleton, MI.  After two practice sessions we were able to dial in a pretty good setup on both cars.  #7 Charlie Schultz qualified 2nd and #77 Matt Marlowe in 9th.  Matt was able to take advantage of a great feature starting spot with outside pole, car was race ready and then mechanical problems plagued the #77 resulting in a DNF.  Charlie started 7th and on this particular night the inside row experienced starting difficulties which opened up a great big hole on the outside row which #19 feature winner quickly took advantage.  Charlie had to work a little harder to make his way through the field but in the end had a 3rd place podium finish.   Official race recap as follows:

Stephens ACME Racing smokes Flat Rock

Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto Racing News
August 12, 2012

First he set fast time with a lap of 10.444, and then he won his heat race driving away. And at the end of the night, current Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) presented by Town Money Saver point’s leader, and defending series Champion, Trent Stephens drove to the front of the 40 lap feature event to take the lead and cruised to yet another victory, adding to his 2012 point’s total. A first time visit for the MSA group and first visit in over 30 years for the Supermodified race car, at the ARCA owned Flat Rock (MI) Speedway.

Brandon Fisher and Kevin Shirey would bring the field of 15 ground pounders to the drop of the green to get the 40 lap affair in business. Stephens would start eighth by way of the inversion and by lap two he was in second position going after the leader Fisher. At lap three Stephens sailed to the point and throttled down jumping out to a comfortable lead. The first of two yellow flags would drop at the third lap mark for a spinner. A quick push off, the field would realigned and took to the quarter-mile banked facility back under race conditions. Instantly Stephens shot out to the point opening up on the field. As Stephens set the pace, teammate Dave Shullick Jr. was making up ground but had to contend with traffic of his own. A lap six caution would allow the field to catch their breath, as a spinner got straightened around and re-fired. Tucked up under Stephens were Zach Gibson and Shullick now in third. Charlie Schultz was also on the move after getting caught up in traffic finally able to make his way through and now in fifth for the restart. Right away on the restart Shullick would challenge Gibson for the position. It took a lap but Shullick got the position and now looked to go after his teammate. There was one problem, Stephens had checked out. Just like that on the restart, Stephens was gone. As Shullick tried to make headway on his teammate, Schultz was able to fight his way to third, and at the race halfway mark that is how they would set with the rest of the field behind battling for positions. Setting a blistering pace around the quarter-mile bullring that is how the top three would finish, they would also be the only three on the lead lap. Kyle Edwards would finish fourth and veteran racer Bobby Dawson would get a hard earned, well deserved fifth place finish.

“I can’t believe how good the car was, it was unreal,” stated Stephens. “At this short of a track, you shouldn’t be able to hook up 850 plus horsepower and I could. Towards the end it kind of went away, but that can be expected in 40 laps. I got a great start, Gibson kind of opened up a hole and I followed him through. Then he pushed up and I got through and kept going. I didn’t know how far ahead I was and then I came around to lap second and third positions.  I was surprised, when we first showed up it was a little hairy with the old tires on. As soon as we bolted on new tires it was a different story. This is definitely a fun little race track, two or three grooves out there. The points are going great, I try to take it one race at a time, and just try to win every race,” finished the happy race winner.

“We struggled a little today,” started Shullick Jr. “We did not even get any hot lap’s; the first time on the track was qualifying. In the heat race the car was just really lose. Right before the feature we found a bind on the front suspension. We changed it and the car was really tight. But really good in traffic. I got up to second, but Trent was in another area code. The team did a really good job. They put the set ups under the cars and makes them easy to drive,” finished Runner up Shullick Jr.

“I can’t complain too much for being here the first time,” said Schultz. “We were pretty good in qualifying, really good in the heat race; we made a couple changes just before the feature. Around lap 10 or 15, I think an oil fitting was breaking. I was just getting a steady spray of oil, holding on to the wheel with one hand and whipping my visor with the other. The car is getting better every race. I just can’t complain too much considering I finished on the podium,” concluded Schultz.

And that’s this week’s race recap!  Next up for May Motorsports is this coming week Saturday, August 18th at Midvale Speedway located in Midvale, OH.  Thanks for your support and everyone have a great week.

David & Lori May
May Motorsports

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