Week 10 - May Motorsports Recap

May Motorsports checking in with a race weekend update. ISMA (International Supermodified Association) Hy-Miler at Sandusky Speedway took place in front of jam packed stands with cheering crowds and starting the weekend with 31 cars wanting to take trophies home for this two day event. The announcers did a great job getting each team’s sponsors recognized when the cars were on the track.  The pits were filled with race fans and the May Motorsports red supermodified race cars were shined up and ready for on lookers proudly displaying each of your logos.

Friday Night – 40 Lap Race:
#7 Charlie Schulz race car, we missed on set up and began the 40 Lap race loose…loose…loose!
#77 Joe Gosek (former Indy Car Driver and 2011 Oswego Speedway Track Champion) filling in for our regular driver Matt Marlowe) got collected in an unfortunate 4 car pile-up coming off turn three and pit side he came.  Three hours later, car was put back together and ready for Saturday’s 100 lapper.

Saturday Night – 100 Lap Race:
#7 started 7th and moved up to 2nd and was running strong and gaining on the leader until Lap 58.  #78 car blew a motor and Charlie got into the oil sending him into a pile of tires off turn 2.  Considerable damage to front end but we were able to get him back onto the track as we have complete front wing spares available for just these types of instances.  Charlie having to go to tail, then slowly and methodically began picking off one car at a time until the checker flew finishing in 9th place.

#77 started 11th and finished 12th . For him though it was due to a broken header piece that had fallen off and gotten underneath the car, hitting and sending him off the track … coincidently turn 2 again. See below jpeg capturing “the moment!”  After coming pit side for a quick scan of the car and not noticing any other damage, getting the OK from the driver we sent him back out onto the track, also having to go tail.  On a good note …we had two of the 13 cars that finished this race when 27 took the green.

Charlie Schultz of May Motorsports

Next up for May Motorsports, we will be competing at Flat Rock Speedway in Flat Rock, MI on Saturday, August 11th.

The following are “official race recaps.”

Ordway Sr. Masters Sandusky to Win

ISMA fast 40 lapper
Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto Racing News
July 28, 2012

Mike Ordway Sr. wrestled the top spot away from pole sitter Bobby Dawson on the opening lap of the ISMA 40 lap feature race on the first night of the Sandusky (OH) Speedway ISMA Hy Miler Nationals and sailed to the checkered flag. A very strange night at the track by the lake as rains moved through pushing the program back by about two hours for track drying purposes. Not to be outdone both ISMA and Sandusky Speedway staff moved on and got the program in as the feature saw Ordway Sr. cross the finish line at 2:10 AM Saturday morning.

As Dawson and Ordway Sr. took the green to start the fast 40, as the race is known, six cars would tangle in turn three forcing the red flag as the track was blocked with cars. Once back clean and re-fired it would be a complete restart for the field of 24 winged warriors. Once again under green Dawson blistered out with Ordway Sr. right there only to see three more cars tangle in turns three and four bring out the yellow again. Again a complete restart this time Ordway Sr. was able to hang with Dawson down the backstretch where he cleared the pole sitter and got on point. Setting a blistering pace the mighty supers would fly to lap ten when another yellow would fly as the leader would spin along with third place running Johnny Benson. Again the yellow hankie would turn red. This time for some extensive cleanup of fluids put down on the inside groove. The drivers that spun in the fluid was given their spot back including race long leader Ordway Sr. With this red the crews would top of the fuel tanks and the drivers would grab a cool drink. Once racing resumed Ordway Sr. picked up where he left off blistering the pavement. Mike Lichty would move up and ride right on the rear bumper of Ordway Sr. sticking his nose under the leader going through turns one and two lap after lap. At one point Lichty grabbed the top spot coming off turn two just to see another yellow fly and he had to give the position back. From there the race went green flag the rest of the way as Moe Lilje came up to third, following Ordway Sr. winner in his Clyde Booth owned mount and his Reed Salvage Racing teammate runner up Lichty. Two other teammates, from the Stout ACME racing stable, Trent Stephens and Dave Shullick Jr. rounded out the top five.

“I just kind of paced myself and tried not to make any mistakes, and hoped the car held out,” stated Ordway Sr. “Everything worked out real good. I don’t know what was going on down there with turn three and four the guys kept spinning out. I got in the oil, someone laid it down, and I was the first too it and spun out. Luckily they gave my spot back. The car worked, we learned something for tomorrow,” finished the happy veteran racer.

“It was very strange night, we were fighting track conditions from the start,” stated Lichty. “Really from the start of the day when we rolled in when the rains came. We run our heat basically at feature time, and started the feature at like 1130 or so. We made some adjustments to compensate there, and we had a wicked fast race car in the heat race, I just did not know how far to go considering how late we started the feature. I ran behind Mike the whole race and we could get to him, I could get on the inside but he had a decent amount of drag and he was able to get by. I actually had him once but the caution came out. We just missed it a little bit, really today was just a test for tomorrow, I know now what I need for tomorrow,” finished Lichty.

31 cars were on hand for the first of two nights of the annual Sandusky Speedway Hy Miler Nationals. The three heat winners included Eddie Witkum Jr., Bobby Dawson, Lichty, and the B Main was captured by 2011 Hy-Miler Champion Timmy Jedrzejek. Fast qualifier was Lichty in the No. 84 Reed Salvage machine.

July 27, 2012 – 31 Cars (2:06 am)
Fast time trialer: Mike Lichty – 14.429. Top 18 inverted into heats
Heat 1: Eddie Witkum Jr., Mark Sammut, Trent Stephens, Johnny Benson Jr., Lou Cicconi Jr., Jeff Locke, Gary Morton, Craig Rayvals, Sondi Eden. AJ Russell dns
Heat 2: Bob Dawson, Moe Lilje, Charlie Schultz, Ryan Coniam, Dave Shullick Jr., Ben Seitz, Timmy Jedrzejek, Kyle Edwards, Jim Paller, Dan Bowes
Heat 3: Mike Lichty, Jon Henes, Tim Ice, Mike Ordway Sr., Rob Summers, Joe Gosek, Rich Reid, AJ Lesiecki, Danny Shirey. Bob Haynes Jr. and Gene Lee Gibson dns
Consi (6 qual): Timmy Jedrzejek, Dave McKnight, Rob Summers, Craig Rayvals, Dan Bowes, AJ Lesiecki, Sondi Eden, Jim Paller, Danny Shirey, Rich Reid, Bobby Haynes Jr., AJ Russell

Fast Forty Feature: 1. Mike Ordway Sr. (61), 2. Mike Lichty (84), 3. Moe Lilje (8), 4. Trent Stephens (19), 5. Dave Shullick Jr. (49), 6. Johnny Benson (74), 7. Bobby Dawson (28), 8. Timmy Jedrzejek (32), 9. Ben Seitz (17), 10. Jeff Locke (37), 11. Mark Sammut (78), 12. Tim Ice (65), 13. Rob Summers (11), 14. Kyle Edwards (1),15. Dave McKnight (70), 16. Dan Bowes (18), 17. Charlie Schultz (7), 18. Eddie Witkum Jr. (97), 19. Jon Henes (36), 20. Craig Rayvals (94), 21. Ryan Coniam (46), 22. Aj Lesiecki (14), 23. Lou Cicconi Jr. (75), 24. Joe Gosek (77)

Timmy J, two in a row in Ohio

Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto Racing News
July 28, 2012

Coming from the outside front row starting position ace driver Timmy Jedrzejek blistered the Sandusky (OH) pavement, setting a torrid pace, to capture his second consecutive Sandusky ISMA Hy Miler Nationals crown last Saturday night. Timmy J took his Dan Soule Racing No. 32 hot rod to the front and never looked back as he withstood challenges from some of the best drivers in the country and had his hands full from several different contenders, and then in the ending laps hold off a ferocious charge by Mike Lichty to hold on and get the victory.

With 27 very well prepared Supermodifieds in the Sandusky pit area ISMA made the call to start all cars in the 100 lap weekend main event. New Hampshire driver Jeff Locke would bring the field of fire breathing jets to the start from his pole position with Timmy J alongside and 25 other warriors in tow. Shot out of a cannon the front row would blast through turns one and two side by side. Going down the backstretch Timmy J got a great run and was able to get on the point with Locke dropping in behind. A blistering pace would be set by the blue No. 32 and third place starter Moe Lilje would come to life passing Locke and going after the leader. The first night of the ISMA Hy Miler winner Mike Ordway would experience some car issues and return to the pits for the night with just a handful of laps in the books. Lilje was in hot pursuit of Timmy J when the first yellow of the night flew for Joe Gosek when he experienced problems in turn one and two. Under that yellow flag Lilje would also retire to the pits with a broken mount moving Locke back up to the runner up position. Gosek would return at the tail as the field took the green for the restart. Timmy J would move right out from the start, but behind a red streak was coming in the form of Charlie Schultz. Schultz came from fourth on the restart and blasted past Tim Ice into the third position in turn one and set sail. Schultz would settle in third for the long hall until the second yellow of the night dropped and gathered the field back up. Now tucked in tight on the next restart Schulz made another great move and smoked past Locke going into second position behind leader Timmy J. At the halfway point Timmy J had opened up a sizeable lead on Schultz, Rob Summers, Mike Lichty, and Locke. Four laps past halfway the yellow would fly when Schultz suddenly shot off turn two landing with his front wheels in the air on the outside barrior tires. Summers would also retire in this time frame returning pit side. This yellow would turn red for the cars to refuel. For the lap 54 restart it would be Timmy J, Lichty, Locke, Dave Shullick Jr., and Johnny Benson. When the green dropped the field set sail with a very fast pace as laps clicked off. Lichty would stick right with the race long leader and pulled up on the outside and then dive inside several times trying all he could to wrestle the lead away. Behind, Locke would be the odd man out as both Shullick Jr. and Benson would sail past and Eddie Witkum Jr. would sail into fifth. The races fifth and final yellow would fly when two cars got together and spun in turn three. Now with just ten laps to go Timmy J had a wide open track to navigate but Lichty was there, coming from a 18th starting position he had already passed a mass of cars. On this night however, it was dominated and owned by Independence Ohio resident Timmy Jedrzejek for the second year in a row. Lichty settled for second as Shullick came home third with Benson fourth and Witkum Jr. rounding out the top five.

“I took the lead off the start,” started Timmy J. “Obviously there was no better way to go than keep going to lead all 100 laps. You get out there and get a little nervous on how fast of a pace you are setting, where the other guys are at, and if you’re going to fast burning up your stuff. You try to be gentle on the right rear tire and get a little rhythm. When we got to the halfway point I said there’s no holding back now we got to go. Then I heard on the radio who was behind me and I knew I would have my hands full. I was good in open track, but then when I got to lapped traffic the dirty air or something my car was a handful. Now talking to guys behind me they were battling the same thing I was. I just decided the last 20 laps coming into lapped traffic I was not going to give up the bottom. When the caution flew with ten to go I had a smile on my face thinking I now had the track all to myself. I am going to use it up all I can to hold these guys off. All the Soule guys stuck with it all weekend, they just kept working and hit on it tonight. It feels really good I don’t get here very often like I used to and it’s nice to win when I do get here,” finished the 2012 Hy Miler Champion.

“We were off just a little bit all weekend compared to what the car usually is,” stated Lichty. “I am going to blame that on the track surface, nothing to do with Sandusky Speedway. It’s just been a weird summer with the track surface not taking any rubber. I think everyone found out it was a little different this weekend. To start eighteenth and roll up through the field to second says a lot about this team. We have been so close so many years to winning the Hy Miler. I grew up racing the wings and this is the race that I want, but we will just have to come back next year and try again,” finished Lichty.

“We came from thirteenth,” said third place finisher Shullick Jr. “The car was just a little bit off, all three of us left it all out there. We were all hanging it out, lose, driving for all we were worth, we just came up a little short, we will be back next year. I was really bad on restarts, we were better on the long runs. I could reel them back in but it took me ten laps and on that last restart it was all I had,” finished Shullick Jr.

Sandusky Hy-Miler Summary Sat. July 28, 2012
Time Trials:  Johnny Benson Jr. – fast time. 14.472
Heat 1: Timmy Jedrzejek, Moe Lilje, Bob Dawson, Tim Ice, Dave Shullick Jr., Kyle Edwards, Lou Cicconi, Sondi Eden, Danny Shirey, Dave McKnight
Heat 2: Rob Summers, Mike Ordway Sr., Eddie Witkum, Jeff Locke, Mark Sammut, Jon Henes, Trent Stephens, Craig Rayvals. Jim Paller dns
Heat 3: Charlie Schultz, Joe Gosek, Ryan Coniam, Ben Seitz, Johnny Benson, Mike Lichty, Dan Bowes, Rich Reid, AJ Lesiecki.
Out for Night: Bobby Haynes Jr. (48), Gene Gibson (0), AJ Russell (10)
Hy-Miler 100: 1. Timmy Jedrzejek (32), 2. Mike Lichty (84), 3. Dave Shullick Jr. (49), 4. Johnny Benson Jr. (74), 5. Eddie Witkum Jr. (97), 6. Kyle Edwards (1), 7. Jeff Locke (37), 8. Lou Cicconi (75), 9. Charlie Schultz (7), 10. Dan Bowes (18), 11. Sondi Eden (5), 12. Joe Gosek (77), 13. Ben Seitz (17), 14. AJ Lesiecki (14), 15. Dave McKnight (70), 16. Bob Dawson (28), 17. Mark Sammut (78), 18. Danny Shirey (72), 19. Rob Summers (11), 20. Tim Ice (65), 21. Trent Stephens (19), 22. Craig Rayvals (94), 23. Ryan Coniam (46), 24. Jon Henes (36), 25. Rich Reid (92), 26. Moe Lilje (8), 27. Mike Ordway Sr. (61).
4th Turn Crazies Hard Charger: Mike Lichty
Foss Enterprises Last Car Running: AJ Lesiecki

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