Top Speed Takes Russian Championship Finals

Andrey of Top Speed Ukraine takes 1st PlaceOur friends in the Ukraine at Top Speed had their final race of the year last weekend. It was the Russian Championship Finals. They ran in the top class, against the fastest cars, and they walked away with first place!

Their Qualification time was 8.214, then the quarterfinal race there was a traction problem and things didn't go so well, managing a time of 8.7. In the semifinal race they ran a NEW EURO record of 8.164 at 168mph! And in a final run they also clocked in a time of 8.167 for a first place victory!

60 feet was 1.31-1.4 each run. Here are some numbers from our log files:

0-100 km/h:     1.13 sec
0-200 km/h:     4.24 sec
100-200 km/h :  2.85 sec
60 feet:        1.31 sec
1/4 mile:      8.16 sec
speed:         168 mph
car power:     1100-1150 hp crank
car weight:    2850lbs

We've included some videos, an on-board cam video and a few pics! Enjoy!

Andrey Kravchenko

Qual 8.21 -
Qual 8.21 Onboard -
1/4 final -
1/4 final Onboard -
1/2 final. RECORD. -
Final -
Final Onboard -
Congrats -

Andrey uses DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap and DEI Titanium Turbo ShieldAndrey takes 1st at Russian Championship Finals

Andrey and Top Speed Ukraine use the DEI Titanium Turbo Shield and DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap to help control underhood temperatures on the drag strip.

Andrey takes 1st at Russian Championship FinalsAndrey takes 1st at Russian Championship Finals