THF Sutinen Qualifies #1 at Summer Shoot Out

DEI Sponsored Team Half Fast

June 22-24, 2012 – Always great to be back at Bowling Green!

The weather was HOT, HOT, HOT, and it was everything we could do to keep hydrated and focused.  Sound familiar?  We’ve battled the heat at every race this year – even the one at the end of March.

We decided to do some testing on Friday so we could play with some jetting.  The weather was due to be the same Saturday, so the data would be quite valuable.  The hottest we recorded on Friday was 107.9 with the heat index.

We learned a lot during that test session, though we never did hit that elusive 11.50 – we always seemed to bog off the line.

For Saturday morning’s test session, we capitalized on all that we learned on Friday and ran an 11.495 in our second run.  All our other runs that morning, however, were in the 11.80s just like the day before.

The first two rounds of qualifying – for SE (11.50) and PE (10.90) classes, we continued running in the 11.80s.  We decided to go back to our baseline jetting and WHAM.  We’re there.  For the next round, the first round of “E” qualifying, we ran an 11.584.

DEI Sponsored Team Half FastThe second round of qualifying in SE was next, and Chip knew he had an awesome launch and was on a great pass, so he dumped out of the throttle and sat up at the speed traps and it was nearly PERFECT – he ran an 11.502.  This placed him as the number ONE qualifier!  WAY TO GO CHIP.  We ran an 11.361 for the 2nd round of PE (10.90).  This was the worst of the heat, too - it was 107.9 (125 degrees with the heat index).

It was obvious in the next two rounds that we had our bike dialed in – Chip ran an 11.513 in the 2nd round of “E” qualifying and then an 11.514 in the final round of SE qualifying.  For the final round of PE qualifying, Chip ran an 11.144, which moved him up to the #11 spot.

Race day Sunday – the sun was shining bright and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  It was already 94 degrees at 10:30 in the morning.

Our first round of eliminations was in “E”, and Chip got a hole shot on Jeremy Abbott and took that all the way down the track for the win.  The second round, against the formidable Roberta Seaman, went just the opposite.  Roberta had a slight hole shot on Chip, and she carried that through to the finish line.

The next round was our first PE eliminations round, and Lady Luck was with us when Andy Horn popped the red eye, against Chip’s awesome .006 reaction time.  It’s a good thing, too, because we ran a very slow 11.575.

DEI Sponsored Team Half FastOur first round of SE eliminations, we weren’t lucky.  It was a double break out with our friend Dave Baker.  Baker broke out the least and went on to the next round.

Our last round of the day was in PE.  We stepped it up pretty well in the heat (it was 111.5 degrees in the full sun) and ran an 11.265.  However, our opponent Curt Stuckenschneider ran dead on his dial – a 10.907.  Way to go, Curt!  That was an awesome run!

Well, that wraps up our AMRA Summer Shoot Out at Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Our next race was SUPPOSED to be at the end of July up in Martin, Michigan.  That race, however, has been cancelled due to the promoter’s loss of funding.  Instead, we’ll be adding another race to our schedule – AHDRA’s Bristol, Tennessee event in August.  We’re guessing it’s going to be hot LOL.

See you at the races!!!
- Team Half Fast

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