Team Half Fast Update: AMRA Cajun Blowout

DEI Sponsored Team Half FastWe're off and racing for the 2012 season, and we’re off to an awesome start!

Though the threat of rain was ever-present in the original weather forecast for the weekend, the March 31-April 1 AMRA event opener at the State Capital Raceway near Baton Rouge, Louisiana was a huge success!!  It rained Thursday night, and I think it rained late Friday night (I’m just not sure!), but the rest of the weekend was dry… okay, not "dry" – it was rather humid – but it didn't rain again for the rest of the weekend, and everyone was thankful!

30 "E" Class racers, 10 SE (11.50) racers, and 14 PE (10.90) showed up to race – that is not bad considering the sheer distance that many had to travel to get there, not to mention that this was an inaugural event.

Team Half Fast would formally like to thank K&K Marine, Randal Andras, Fas Coonass Racing and the AMRA for putting together a stellar event.

In the off-season, we performed some routine maintenance on the bike and also instituted a few changes – changed the gearing, revamped the heads a little bit, a few other miscellaneous things.  Plus, State Capital Raceway's elevation was 18 feet.  We expected to have to struggle at least a little with our tune-up fresh out of the gate in the new season.

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