Team Half Fast Rebounds at the Rock

THF Rebounds at the Rock in the AHDRA Carolina Spring Nitro Nationals with a Runner-Up Finish!

DEI Sponsored Team Half FastMay 3-6, 2012 – When we left the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina on Thursday afternoon to start our trek down to Rockingham we were really looking forward to getting to the track that night to wait in line.

The Wrenching Spirits had other plans.

Shortly after leaving Maggie Valley our “new” fan belt began to have slipping issues.  Adjusting the fan belt helped for very short periods of time.  The issues became more than problematic as we got off the highway in hopes of finding another auto parts store.  Needle in a haystack comes to mind.

We got directions to the “nearest” store, but it was miles away, and we knew it was going to take a heap of luck and lots of Chip readjusting the belt to get there before the RV gave up the ghost.  Needless to say, we were more than pleased when we spotted a store much closer than the one we were given directions for.  We stopped.  Chip changed the belt like a NASCAR pit crew and we were once again on our way.  Hours behind schedule, but on our way.  We were NOT going to make it to the track line tonight, but we took solace in the fact that our beloved Jack in the Box (not available in Michigan) would be our final destination for the evening.  Dusk was falling.  Chip spent more time in the direct sun today than he would normally during a whole race weekend.  Hot southern sun.  There’s our Jack in the Box… Okay, where’s our Jack in the Box??  The establishment was closed down.  Can you say “Heavy Sigh” ??

DEI Sponsored Team Half FastWe ate a nice meal elsewhere (I fed him steak…he earned it!) and spent the night in their parking lot.  Morning came and we went back on our way toward Rockingham Dragway to get in line.  We passed another Jack in the Box much further down the road and made a mental note to stop there on our way out of town.

Saturday was sunny and hot.  Since we did not have a charging system on the bike, we decided to only run two classes – ET and SEP (11.50).  We had really bad 60’ times after our first rounds of qualifying in ET and SEP, so we took the time to review our film – the bars were too low for this track and we were unloading the tire.  We raised the bars and got ready for the 2nd rounds.  The 2-step switch was malfunctioning, so we had a 13-second pass.  Chip got back to the pits and replaced the switch and got ready for the 3rd rounds of qualifying.

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