Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Bike

Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was the 9th official album of the Beatles, and the inspiration for this custom built theme bike by craftsmen Tobias Guckel of TGS Motorcycles in Germany.

The bike is built on a TGS propriatery "Carrera" rigid frame, uses a 100" RevTech engine and RevTech 5-speed transmission, rolls on 18" wheels, brakes in the rear via a K Tech sprocket brake and a front Performance Machine 4-piston caliper. Gas tank is a modified Mustang, and all other main parts (gold plated and gold anodized) come from the TGS catalog: Air Cleaner, trumpet pipes, seat, oil take, risers, forward controls, read fender, etc.). The trumpet pipes running down the right side of the bike have been wrapped with DEI Titanium exhaust wrap. "Beatles Paint" is produced by top Europeean artist Marcus Pfeil.

For more information on Tobais Gunkel and TGS Motorcycles check out their website: