Russell Morseman August Update

Russell Morseman Racing UpdateThe last two weeks have been crazy. The previous week I started 5th in my heat and finished 2nd. Started 13th in the feature got involved in a bad wreck on lap 12 and was done for the night. It ended up destroying the front end of the car. We got it all back together for this past weekend. Tried a new setup in the rear and it was really fast. I started dead last in my heat won it. Redrew 10th for the feature and made it up to 4th by lap 15. Was passing for 2nd on a restart and ended up getting spun out by the 4th place car. Went to the rear 23rd and drove back up threw and finished 12th. Car was fast, have a had some really bad luck the last few weeks so hopefully it will turn around and we can finish the year out with some good momentum. We have two more point race left and some open races. I am currently 7th in points.

Russ Morseman

Morseman's Racing #44
2011 Blackrock Speedway Sportsman Modified Rookie of the year
2009,2010 Woodhull Raceway Street StockTrack Champion

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