Ray Litz Takes 5th at NMCA World Nationals

Ray LitzRay Litz of Koolrayz Racing was at the NMCA World Nationals at Indy 2 weeks ago where his car was on rails and qualified fifth in an LS Drag Radial class that ran the fastest field ever in this class. This is quite an accomplishment for Ray considering that his car was built around X275 rules, which mean that is car ran with a smaller turbo and smaller tires compared to the competition. Pretty mind-blowing if we do say so ourselves! The best pass of the day was 7.53 @ 190 mph.

This coming weekend (11/2) Ray will be at MIR for the Import vs. Domestic race.

Ray's car has been featured on LSXtv.com and TheBlock.com, to name a few. And check for coverage on Ray Litz in print in your favorite race magazine this coming winter.

For more on Ray at the NMCA World Nationals, check out his facebook page where he has posted more pictures and videos.

Ray Litz

Ray Litz uses DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap, DEI Titanium Turbo Shield and DEI Heat Shroud on the Koolrayz Racing drag car.

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DEI Sponsored Ray Litz of Koolrayz Racing

DEI Sponsored Ray Litz of Koolrayz Racing

Photo credit: Brian Hogan (bottom two images)