Race Recap September 2nd

May Motorsports headed to Oswego Speedway in NY for the Labor Day weekend Friday Night “non-sanctioned” wing show.  The below is the “official” racing recap.

Race Recap September 2nd
By Oswego Speedway

New Englander Joey Scanlon and Ohio’s Tim Ice led the 17 winged supermodifieds to Donnie Forbes green flag, with Ice’s red #77 jumping out to the early lead.  With Ice out front, action behind the 77 was fast and furious, as drivers looked to chase down the highflying Ohioans in the early stages.  Johnny Benson charged quickly to second spot, while all-time ISMA champ Perley went to the outside looking to move up.

Perley had the Vic Miller #11 on cruise control in the outside groove, picking off Ted Christopher on lap four, then Paul White on lap 5 for a top five spot.  Lap 8 saw the first slowdown of the race, as MSA three time winner in 2011 Bobby Dawson broke the driveshaft in the Reed Salvage #28.  Perley was involved as he was right behind the #28, with the 11 spinning and tapping the outside third turn wall.  There  was a black spot on the wall from where the left rear tire hit, but there was no damage to the #11.  After stopping at the finish line for an explanation, and much to his displeasure, Perley would, however, have to go to the back of the pack.

The restart saw Ice, Benson, Scanlon, White, Christopher, Mark Sammutt, Ray Graham, Shaun Gosselin, Timmy Jedrzejek, and Mike Lichty in the top ten.  Ice remained in control of the race, but Graham made the move on the restart.  Using the outer reaches of the speedway, Graham pulled the #90 to the right, and shot by Sammutt, Christopher and White on the takeoff, then Scanlon on the front stretch, moving from seventh to third in one lap.

Further back, Perley was a man on a mission, looking to get back to the front of the pack. He raced his way to ninth after two green flag laps, wheeled by the Jedrzejek #32, and Sammutt 78 by lap 13 to move back to seventh place.  Yellow flew again on lap 13, this time for a header pipe off one of the racecars on the track.

Ice was still the man at the point, but Graham again used to restart to move forward, displacing Benson from second spot, just behind Ice.  Fans then shifted back to Perley, as the 11 was back along the outside.  First he got by Christopher, then White, and next was Scanlon.  Lap 17 Benson fell back to fourth as Perley found himself all the way up to third now. The scoreboard showed Ice, Graham and Perley on lap 17, as Ice cranked his lap speed up to a 16.31 around the 5/8’s mile track.  Within a few laps, the trio raced bumper-to-bumper, with the 90 and 11 waiting for Ice to slip and inch.  Perley would try to get by outside, then shift to the inside, looking either side for an opening.

Lap 21 Perley went high, and Graham pulled low, with the Perley 11 now racing by for second.  By the time they came to the front stretch that lap, Graham had slowed with his hand in the air, taking the 90 out of the race with a hot motor.  Benson pulled pit side simultaneously.  That left Ice and Perley to duel it out, with Perley looking high and then looking low to get by the red 77.  Lap 28, the opening came and Perley pounced.  He looked to the outside in turn four, then cranked the 11 to the inside of the front straightaway, with Perley winning the drag race into turn one, placing the #11 in the lead.

Perley immediately quickened the race pace, stopping clocks at 16.03 and opening his advantage quickly.  By lap 30, the lead was up top 1.74 seconds, and a few laps later, it was up to over 2 seconds.  Perley  came into traffic on lap 38, but he had a cushion where he could ease his way through the lapped cars.  He handled them with ease, and cruised through the final laps of the event, driving under the checkered flags over 6 seconds ahead of Ice, with Scanlon in third with his best ever Oswego finish.

“This car was an absolute bullet tonight,” the thrilled Perley said with that signature grin from ear to ear.  “These guys give me a great car, and this may have been one of the best cars I have ever had here at Oswego, it was that good. Anyone can drive this car, Cicconi won with it, so that proves it, but it is such a good car.  It’s always a thrill to win here at Oswego, and tonight is a big one for us.”

News and Notes…
19 winged supers were pit side.  Johnny Benson Jr and Paul White won supermodified heats.  Mike Lichty set fast time in supermodified time trials with a near record lap of 15.386. 
Supermodifieds Bud Select 55 Finish:
1)Chris Perley 11, 2)Tim Ice 77, 3)Joey Scanlon 86, 4)Mike Lichty 84, 5)Paul White 16, 6)Tim Jedrzejek 32, 7)Ted Christopher 61, 8)Mark Sammutt 78, 9)Charlie Schultz 7, 10)Craig Rayvals 04, 11)Shaun Gosselin 26, 12)Brandon Bellinger 02, 13)Ray Graham 90, 14)Johnny Benson 74, 15)Bobby Dawson 28, 16)Bobby Haynes 44, 17)DJ Shullick 49 ….Trent Stephens 19, Jamie Timmons 27 were in accidents, and did not start.

Our #7 piloted Charlie Schultz race car was involved in a racing incident on the front straightaway during heats causing rear end damage.  The team went to work and quickly got the car ready, but with considerable modifications.   After starting tail, Charlie ended up with a 9th place finish.  Overall, not too bad of a racing weekend.  We will take it and move on to Motordrome Speedway in Smith, PA on Sat., 9/10/11 for our next weekend of racing.

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David & Lori May
May Motorsports

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