Ny-Trex Deilvers For Martino

May 24, 2010 --

We just got back from the NHRA Division 3 Lucas Oil Drag Racing event at Norwalk, Ohio.  Ny-Trex Nitrous Oxide Systems delivered big and proved why Ny-Trex is truly "The Future of Nitrous".

In our third race using the 33 gas / 36 n2o tune up we noticed something that the other nitrous aided applications are lacking, consistency.  Last fall we used the 33/36 tune up for the first time (with 6 1/2 lbs of nitrous fuel pressure & 7 1/4 lbs of fuel pressure; nitrous turned on at .10 in the run and used for the whole length of the track).  With said nitrous tune up we recorded our first ever 6 second pass - 6.956 at 192.36 mph at the NHRA Jeg's SportsNationals at National Trails Raceway, Columbus, Ohio.  We took the same tune up to Indy last month for the first NHRA event of the season and recorded a 6.951 at 193.51 mph pass before the event was postponed due to rain. 

Coming into Norwalk this past weekend we decided to stick with our 33/36 tune up and the first pass of the day - 6.956 at 192.17 mph.  In Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, and/or any other nitrous application, consistency is key to winning rounds and events.  We ran on three different tracks, with various weather conditions (corrected altitude ranging from 1893 ft to 2849 ft) and came out with the same result.

Proven results...
With 52 cars battling to get into the 32 car field at Norwalk this past weekend, we knew our 6.956 pass would not keep us in the top 32 for the second session.  We consulted with the professionals at Ny-Trex and went with the 38 gas / 41 n2o tune up for the next session (6 lbs of nitrous fuel pressure & 7 1/4 fuel pressure; nitrous turned on at .10 in the run and used for the whole length of the track).  The end result of the second qualifying pass - 6.842 at 200.38 mph. 

Ny-Trex delivered big and the plugs came back with a "fat" reading (which means this tune up has a lot more potential than delivered).  Most dragsters that reach the 200 mph mark need to record passes in the 6.60 range or faster in the 1/4 mile.  Ny-Trex is engineered to out perform the competition in more ways than one.

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