Mike Lichty Crowned King Of Wings

May Motorsports checking in with the Annual King of Wings race weekend update (below is a recap).  This is the third year in which we get a podium finish with Tim Ice in the #77 car finishing 2nd.  Next up for May Motorsports is this upcoming Saturday 7/16 at Lorain County Speedway. 

By Carol D. Haynes

07.09.11 Oswego, NY – Mike Lichty claimed his first-ever win at Oswego Speedway Saturday night in the third annual Midwest Supermodified Association presented by Town Money Saver King of Wings event which saw 31 winged cars from MSA, ISMA and Oswego vying for the crown. Lichty, driving the Craig Reed MSA number 8, started seventh in a 25-car field and quickly set sail for initial race leader Tim Ice. Lichty moved into second by lap 17 and into the lead on lap 26. There was no stopping the Canadian driver or the race for that matter. In just a tick over 14 minutes, the 50 -lapper was over and Lichty stood in victory lane with his King of Wings crown and cape. It was the fourth MSA win for ISMA regular Lichty and fifth winged win for the 24-year old driver who has been driving the MSA car when time allows. Going into the race he had had some serious doubts about whether he’d be there at the end.

“We weren’t that good all day. The car felt decent in warm-ups after about the third time out. Then we fought with the motor a little bit and we just kept finding a little more speed. Then in the heat race we were bad. I was worried coming into the feature that the car just wasn’t going to be under me. I just have to thank everybody from Craig on down. Hats off to the whole crew – Dickie, Bobby Dawson, Ryan, Duane, my girlfriend Raven – just everybody. And, I have to thank my mom and dad and PATCO Transportation. This is my first win ever at Oswego. We had a second at the Super Nationals last year. So this is cool to get Craig and everyone the win here. It’s a good deal.”

Finishing second in the May Motorsports 77 was pole sitter Tim Ice, who had led the first 26 laps before Lichty got by. Tim said in victory lane, “We got a pretty good start and stayed out of trouble to finish second. Guess we’ll have to come back and try again next year. When you do a 50 -lap race you expect something to happen along the way. When you’re out in the lead like that you try and save a little bit for the deal when they get bunched up against you. But the race kept going and going so I decided I wasn’t going to save anything, but Mikey got by anyway. We were still good at the end. I don’t know how close Timmy was behind me. I didn’t hear anything – just my car.”

Timmy Jedrzejek, in his third outing in the Soule Racing 32, was pleased with his progress and his finish. “This is nice. Danny and I are still building a relationship here. We set up the car a little too free at the start and I was tight.  I was holding onto it for the first 20 laps.  But, as the race went on, the car started getting better and better. It was pretty good toward the end but by that time those guys were in a different time zone. I was just getting what I could. We’re really proud to come home third tonight. It’s nice to be up at Oswego Speedway. It’s my favorite place. It’s a privilege to drive this car for this team.  They have so much knowledge and so much experience. I just get the easy job of sitting in the car and turning the wheel. We’ll continue to build that chemistry and feel each other out for a couple more races. At Stafford we had a fourth, today it’s a third. Who knows where we are going next?”

Tim Ice took off from the pole with Randy Ritskes and 3-time 2011 MSA feature winner Bob Dawson, Ted Christopher and Jeff Locke trailing.  Ice quickly built up a large lead as Ritskes and Dawson tried to keep the leader in sight. Moving up through the field was Lichty who by lap 10 was up behind the 61 of Christopher. Two laps later, Ice was at the tail of the still strong field.  Ice was putting cars down as he threaded through the back of the pack as Lichty was reeling in the leaders up front. He was second on lap 17 but several lap cars sat between his 8 and the highflying “Iceman” up front. Farther back Randy Ritskes, Dawson, Trent Stephens, Christopher, Timmy Jedrzejek, Lou Cicconi, Locke and Charlie Schultz were mixing it up as they tried to gain on the lead duo.

Jedrzejek moved the 32 into third with less than 15 to go, leaving Ritskes to battle Stephens and Dawson in the top five.  In the last ten laps, Lichty was tearing through the back of the pack and was well on his way to victory. The checkered dropped just minutes later with quite a distance between the leader and runner-up Ice. Jedrzejek was third with several lap cars between his 32 and Ice. Trent Stephens and Randy Ritskes, with a malfunctioning wing, were fourth and fifth.  Bob Dawson, Ted Christopher, Charlie Schultz, Lou Cicconi and Jeff Locke completed the top ten. Nineteen cars remained on the track at race end with 17 still in the lead lap.


Top ten time trialers: Otto Sitterly (15.368), Trent Stephens, Ray Graham, Lou Cicconi, Joe Gosek, Charlie Schultz, Timmy Jedrzejek, Mike Lichty, Dave Danzer and Jeff Locke

Heat Race Results
Heat 1: Dawson, Schultz, Ice, R. Graham, Bob Bond, Dave Danzer, Tim Snyder, Dave McKnight, Chris deRitis, Jim Paller
Heat 2: Randy Ritskes, Trent Stephens, Moe Lilje, Mike Lichty, Joe Gosek, Stephen Gioia, Dave Gruel, Kody Graham, Andy Noto, Brian Sobus
Heat 3: Ted Christopher, Lou Cicconi, Jeff Locke, Timmy Jedrzejek, Otto Sitterly, Bob Magner, Pat Lavery, Mark Sammut, Eddie Witkum Jr.
Consi: Tim Snyder, Dave Gruel, Pat Lavery, Mark Sammut, Andy Noto, Kody Graham, Eddie Witkum Jr., Jim Paller, Dave McKnight, Chris deRitis, Brian Sobus.
Bob Haynes Jr. 44 (dns) Paul White (16) crash in warm-ups.

King of Wings (50): 1. Mike Lichty (8), 2. Tim Ice (77), 3. Timmy Jedrzejek (32), 4. Trent Stephens (19), 5. Randy Ritskes (88), 6. Bob Dawson (28), 7. Ted Christopher (61), 8. Charlie Schultz (7), 9. Lou Cicconi (49), 10. Jeff Locke (37), 11. Moe Lilje (08), 12. Joe Gosek (00), 13. Dave Danzer (52), 14. Bob Bond (25), 15. Stephen Gioia (9), 16. Otto Sitterly (6), 17. Mark Sammut (78), 18. Bob Magner (40), 19. Pat Lavery (22), 20. Tim Snyder (0), 21. Ray Graham Jr. (90), 22. Jim Paller (64), 23. Eddie Witkum Jr. (97), 24. Dave Gruel (50), 25. Andy Noto (48).

Everyone have a good week.

David & Lori May
May Motorsports