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Charlie Schultz of May Motorsports - 2013 Racing SeasonHappy to report a #7 Charlie Schultz win at Sandusky Speedway last night and what a race!!!   Lots of red this week in the race recap, because on this particular night at Sandusky Speedway as David and I sat in the stands, we knew from the drop of the green that we had a car on the track that could compete for the win and Charlie made that happen sitting up on that wheel and taking the checker flag.  Needless to say a good night for the May Motorsports team and a real morale booster for the entire team.

The following is the official race recap and enclosed you will find some pictures.

“Chargin” Charlie cleans up at Sandusky MSA event

Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto racing News
August 19, 2013

SANDUSKY, OH – Charlie Schultz lived up to his nickname “Chargin” as he blasted his way around the Sandusky (OH) Speedway to get his first Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) presented by Adkins Glass victory of 2013 in the Jaycox/Reed Memorial race. A former series Champion, Schultz rocketed from his outside fourth row starting position in his familiar bright red May Motorsports No. 7 entrée and got to the checkered flag holding off first the 2012 MSA Champion Trent Stephens and then a late race charge by the 2012 ISMA Champion Mike Lichty.  A cool fall like night turned out to be a barn burner of a race.

Charlie Schultz of May Motorsports - 2013 Racing SeasonVeteran drivers Bobby Dawson and Jon Henes would bring the field to the start of the 30 lap event only to see two complete restarts meet them for two different competitor issues. Once underway the fiery field would battle for positions as Dawson would blast to the point setting the early pace. Right from the get go going into the first turn Schultz would put his racer on the top side sailing out in no man’s land three wide around his competitors and making the car stick blasted like out of a canon down the back stretch. It seemed no contest as he never hesitated just shooting past cars and going into the lead. Never letting off the gas it did not take long, and once in the lead he opened up on the field driving a line as straight as an arrow. That lead would evaporate on lap six. A yellow flag would turn red when Kyle Edwards had hard contact with the front stretch wall driving the nose of his machine in a foot shorter than it started. Edwards was uninjured and the field was realigned for a restart. While Schultz was touring in record pace the field behind had been fighting for positions and now as the field bunched up for the restart they would get their shot at the leader. That shot turned out to be a myth as Schultz rocketed on as the green was displayed. However, Stephens had restarted fifth with last week’s winner Dave Shullick Jr. sixth and Lichty well out of the top five, but within two laps Stephens was second and chasing down Schultz and two laps after that Shullick was third and coming strong. Schultz was still holding on when a stalled car in turn two would force a yellow flag. With Stephens and Shullick both their, the restart looked to be a good one, and it was. Stephens would get to Schultz but “Chargin” Charlie was holding his own, meanwhile Lichty was now up in the top five and racing hard with Shullick when Shullick got up into the lose stuff spinning in turn four. Shullick to the tail, a quick realignment, and back underway with just a handful of laps to go. As the field took the five to go signal Lichty got past Stephens and went after Schultz. But, it would not happen as Schultz took center stage with Lichty second, Stephens third, followed by Jim Paller fourth and Shullick would rebound to round out the top five.

Now an 18 time MSA winner, Schultz was very happy. “I knew when we had that little warm up before the feature the car was very good. Here at Sandusky I got my first career win, so it just feels good to win here. I just can’t thank the crew and Dave and Lori May enough. Both the first two starts where really good and I got caught back. Everybody did the same thing on the third start so I knew I had to capitalize on it because I knew Mike, Trent and DJ would be coming, they have been fast all year. I did find something tonight I had missed and it seemed to turn the car around. This definitely bodes well for us with the last two events here. We got something to build on and make some fine tune adjustments. I think when we come back in two weeks we will be just as good if not better,” finished Schultz.

Charlie Schultz of May Motorsports - 2013 Racing Season“I was just trying to be cautious there at the beginning,” said Lichty. “I wanted to come home in one piece for sure. There was some crazy racing by some of the guys out there all over the track. The first caution when Denny Fisher got into the wall and came across the track swatting me in the right rear, I think I had a flat tire at that point. The car was just tight after that. A good run, we came here to win, but second we will take it and go on to Oswego next week. Just thanks to Reed Salvage and Patco transportation and everyone who puts in an effort to make this car run,” finished Lichty.

Current point’s leader Stephens expected more on the night. “The first five laps the car was really good, and then it just got to tight and stayed tight. I did the best with what I had. I could still muster up a challenge for the lead. So, I can’t complain too much. But still disappointing, I thought we found something in the heat race but just missed it. We will come back, try something different, and try to go faster. I was just too tight to cut through the center. I played around with my line a little but just couldn’t get it going. Just thanks to Kasper Auto Group, Shaffer Oil, Michael Café, Domino’s Pizza, PPG, and S and S Cleaning for their support,” finished the MSA Champion.

17 cars would make the Sandusky event with Shullick posting the fast time of 14.330. Heat winners included both Lichty and Stephens. Moe Lilje would lose an engine in his heat race and retire for the evening. The 30 lap Jaycox/Reed Memorial was the first of the last three MSA events for 2013 all to be ran at Sandusky. The group returns in two weeks after taking the Labor Day weekend off.

Feature Finish (30 laps): Charlie Schultz, Trent Stephens, Mike Lichty, Jim Paller, Dave Shullick Jr., Bobby Dawson, Trevor Berry, Jon Henes, Matt Marlowe, Brandon Fisher, Kevin Jaycox Jr., A J Lesiecki, Rich Reid, Denny Fisher, Moe Lilje (DNS)   
Todd Ridgeway
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Racing Action Specifics:

Dave Shullick fast time 14.330, 14.545 Lichty, 14.644 Trent Stephens, top 3 qualifiers

Heat 1 Line-Up:
36 Jon Henes, 64 Paller, 77 Matt Marlowe, 11 Edwards, 49 Berry, 84 Licthy, 07 Jaycox,Jr, 81 Fisher, 14 Lesieki

Heat 1 Finish: 84 Litchy, 11 Edwards, 64 Paller, 49 Berry, 36 Jon Henes, 77 Matt Marlowe, 81 Fisher, 07 Jaycox, 14 Aj Lesiecki

Heat 2 Line-Up:
55 Reid, 22 Mike McVetta, 8 Moe Lilje, 7 Charlie Schultz, 19 Trent Stephens, 94 Dave Shullick,
28 Dawson, 12 Brandon Fisher

Heat 2 finish: 94 Dave Shullick, 19 Trent Stephens, 22 Mike McVetta, 7 Charlie Schultz, 28 Dawson, 55 Reid, 12 Brandon Fisher ,,,,,, Moe Lije blows engine

Feature Line up

Fisher into front stretch Guard rail done for night
Edwards into front stretch wall hard car pretty well messed up Drivers OK
Lichty hard inside pass on DJ in 4 and DJ spins out of 4 comes back to top 5 finish

Finish 7,84,19,64,94,28,49,36,77 very action packed event good run for Charlie and all top 5

We will be taking a weekend off but will be racing again the following weekend (9/7) again at Sandusky Speedway.

Everyone have a good week and an even better Labor Day holiday weekend.

David & Lori May
May Motorsports

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