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Mother Nature played a little havoc in Sandusky this past weekend.  We were able to get qualifying in with #77 Matt Marlowe being 3rd quickest and #7 Charlie Schultz at 12th.  We bypassed heats and went straight to Feature, where Charlie finished 3rd and Matt at 7th.   We are still trying to get the cars dialed in and are trying new and different ways on set up.  The following is a brief recap of the nights events.

Shullick Jr. Sandusky MSA Domination Supreme

Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto Racing News
June 22, 2013

To dominate you must be the best at whatever task you set out to do. And the 30 lap A Main feature race for the Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) presented by Adkins Glass last Saturday night at Sandusky (OH) Speedway could only be described as domination. Veteran Championship winning driver Dave Shullick Jr. put on a clinic, at a place where he and his family have enjoyed so much success, in dominant style that not even a summer heat three hour rain delay could dampen. After a very nifty qualifying effort of 14.453 seconds to set fast time, Shullick Jr. would come from his inverted starting spot of 12th to claim the top prize by the end of a long Sandusky night.

After qualifying an Ohio summer rain storm set in and it looked as though the Sandusky MSA night was on its way out the door. But, a night of work by the Sandusky faithful and the local divisions that make everything possible got the MSA group on track. MSA car owners voted to forgo the heat races and line up by qualifying order after the inversion pill was drawn. Shullick Jr. drew a 12, and the field was set, 16 cars strong. With Championship racer Charlie Schultz on the pole and California invader Kyle Vanderpool on the outside the field would blister to the checkers. Schultz would good straight to the point for the first nine circuits with Vanderpool second. The only caution of the night would fly at lap ten when Bobby Dawson and Jim Paller both had contact with the front stretch wall just under the flag stand. The red flag would drop for cleanup. Now realigned the field shot to the restart with Schultz still on point, however, both Shullick Jr. and MSA Champion Trent Stephens where now in tow and coming very fast. Within the next four laps Shullick Jr. would muster up the pass for the lead and Stephens would dart into second as the chase was on. It could have ended there as Shullick Jr. wore out the field as his new 2013 Bodnar Chassis car looked as smooth as glass at the track by the lake. Lap after lap Shullick Jr. would stretch it out until the checkers dropped. Following Shullick Jr. and Stephens was May Motorsports driver Schultz third, California Penix Racing invader Vanderpool fourth, and new first time ever Supermodified driver Trevor Berry in the Steve Stout No. 49 rounding out the top five. Next stop for the MSA group will be July 6 at Ft Wayne Indiana Baer Field Speedway.

“The car has just been a rocket ship since being here,” said Shullick Jr. “We just had to get it all together. At Lorain we got a little behind and had a fast car but the race just did not go our way, then at Toledo we had a power steering issue, tonight we were able to put it all together. I am very fortunate to drive this race car. The car was just really, really fast. The track was kind of a crap shoot after the rain; you just never know what you have. We just kind of guessed at it with the new car. We kind of had an idea where we wanted to be after qualifying stager wise, but you just never know. We must have hit it,” finished the race winner.

“It’s not what we want, but, second place is really good,” said runner up Stephens. “The car was still fast even though it was not handling like it should. We were trying some new stuff tonight, we still have to figure some stuff out. He picked the right line, and I picked the wrong line a couple times and that was that. I think me and DJ both knew whoever got up front first was probably going to win the race. The track did not change that much, it was kind of hard to know what to do with the car after the rain. But after that red flag it really bunched us up and allowed us to pass a lot of cars in a very short amount of time. We still have more speed, hopefully at Hy-Miler we find it,” finished Stephens.

“I hated to start up front, we really messed up some stuff in qualifying, I really wanted to run the heat,” stated third place Schultz. “We just didn’t have a car tonight capable of winning. The first nine or ten laps I was just cruising along, then we had that red flag. I knew then Shullick and Trent would be coming. We made a lot of changes this past week; we are trying to get back to what we used to have for a setup. The track was really good; they did a good job of drying it and having some local divisions run before us. The track really had a lot of grip. I am looking forward to the next race,” finished Schultz.

Making his first ever MSA Supermodified start 20 year-old Clio Michigan racer Trevor Berry was elated. “Those things are a blast. I have never driven anything with a wing. I want to thank ACME Racing that was probably the most fun racing I have ever had racing. A ton more down force because I have never had a wing. Those things plant and go and they go fast. I like to go fast,” finished the top five rookie driver.

MSA Feature (30 Laps): DJ Shullick Jr., Trent Stephens, Charlie Schultz, Kyle Vanderpool, Trevor Berry, Jon Henes, Matt Marlowe, Jimmy McCune, Bob Reis, Sondi Eden, Kyle Edwards, Denny Fisher, Kevin Jaycox Jr., Jim Paller, Bobby Dawson, Mike McVetta DNS

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