Marty McGuire's Second Chance

Marty McGuire's Second Chance - 1970 CamaroMarty McGuire and Carter Hickman have been talking about rebuilding a 1970 Camaro for over 2 years now. It's a project that Marty is finally ready to take on. The goal with this car is to build a car that anyone can build, but to put all of his own little ideas into it that set his Camaro apart from the crowd. The 1970 Camaro was chosen for the build because parts are readily available, and when you're building on a budget that's extremely important.

Marty has set up a build blog with the intention to teach his followers what he has learned from his previous build and show you how to save money... or how to spend more because you want the coolest parts on the planet!

Marty's first step was to find a car...

Project Sneak Peek

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Marty McGuire is using Boom Mat Damping Material & Under Carpet Lite inside his ’70 Camaro to keep the interior cool, quiet and free of vibrations.